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IIT Madras BS Electronic Systems Opens Applications for Third Batch


IIT Madras BS Electronic Systems Opens Applications for Third Batch


Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) has invited applications for the Third Batch of the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electronic Systems Program. This four-year program features multiple exits and the students can get a Foundational Level Certificate, Diploma or the BS degree.

More than 1,000 students are pursuing the program currently. It imparts industry-ready skills in the Electronic Systems field.

An important goal of this program is to create a pool of graduates skilled in the electronics and embedded manufacturing sector in India. The program aligns with the India Semiconductor Mission to make India a global hub for electronics manufacturing and design.

This program was launched in March 2023, with significant emphasis on accessibility, affordability and inclusiveness in education. The applications are open for the May 2024 term until 26th May 2024. Those interested can apply through the following link – https://study.iitm.ac.in/es/

Highlighting the unique points of this program, Prof. Boby George, Faculty Coordinator, BS in Electronic Systems program, IIT Madras, said, “This program integrates online learning of theory with hands-on laboratory experiences and in-person examinations. This innovative approach marks a significant milestone in making high-quality education accessible to anyone anywhere who is interested in studying from this program and underscores IIT Madras’ commitment to providing cutting-edge and impactful learning opportunities.”

Elaborating about the program, Prof. S. Aniruddhan, Faculty Coordinator, BS in Electronic Systems program, IIT Madras, said, “The positive experience and memories for both students and staff reaffirms the importance of incorporating in-person practical experiences into our curriculum. This initiative represents a significant step forward in redefining the possibilities of hybrid education. Several courses offered at the foundation and diploma levels are designed to prepare students to seamlessly transition into internships or employment opportunities while they pursue their program.”

An often-asked question is how students can perform experiments in various lab courses required by this course. The program design for labs has two parts where students do experiments on a weekly basis and submit videos explaining their work. This culminates in an in-person visit to IIT Madras campus where the students perform the experiments again and complete the examinations

More than 700 students from across India participated in the first set of laboratory sessions that were conducted between November and December 2023 in four batches. These sessions allowed students to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting using a general-purpose electronic kit, fostering a deeper understanding of electronic systems. This visit also enabled the students to meet their batch mates and interact with them and make friends.


“The overall experience in this program has been great. The interactive lab sessions were amazing and it was very interesting to experiment with the lab components,” is the feedback on the in-person lab sessions from Mr. Kailash Nair, a BS Electronic Systems student from Odisha who also pursues a B.Tech in Electrical Engineering in parallel.

Mr. Ram Tripati from Varanasi decided to pursue this course for its emphasis on the industry-level skills. He calls the course rigorous and believes that learning the concepts from the foundation along with a hands-on perspective helps him fare better in the realms of electronics.

A senior learner Mr. Suryanarayana, aged 52 from Vishakapatnam with close to three decades of experience in electrical design in a PSU asserts that he joined the program to renew himself and he is enjoying his academic journey.

The enthusiasm displayed by the students during their campus visits was exceptional, with active engagement in the laboratory activities. Faculty members and teaching assistants expressed their appreciation for the students’ keen interest and dedication to the hands-on components of the program.


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