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Nischals Partners with Govt Of Gujarat For ‘Mission Schools of Excellence’ Which Impacts 7 lac Students


Nischals Partners with Govt Of Gujarat For ‘Mission Schools of Excellence’ Which Impacts 7 lac Students


Nischals Smart Learning Solutions, a pioneer in the K-12 segment, revolutionizing education through kinesthetic and immersive technology-based learning solutions, announced a successful collaboration with the Govt. of Gujarat under its ‘Mission Schools of Excellence’ project, launched in October 2022 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With a total budget of Rs 10,000 crores, partially funded by the World Bank, the ‘Mission Schools of Excellence’ represents the largest investment in education undertaken by any Indian state so far.

The initiative encompasses the construction of 50,000 new classrooms, the establishment of 1.5 lakh smart classrooms, 20,000 computer labs, and the deployment of 5,000 tinkering labs in over 41,000 schools.  The Govt. of Gujarat partnered with nischals for establishing tinkering labs and Math and Science labs. These labs are a crucial component of the initiative, designed to foster kinesthetic learning and scientific exploration among students.  As part of this collaboration, nischals successfully established its tinkering labs and patented portable and microscale Math & Science Labs in 2180 government schools. These labs provide a unique, hands-on learning experience for students prioritizing experimental and experiential learning.  Over 7 lakh students and 7,000 teachers across the state have already been impacted by this partnership.

Commenting on the successful collaboration, Founder of nischals, Nischal Narayanam said, “Mission Schools of Excellence’ is a groundbreaking initiative with the potential to serve as a national model.”  He further added, “The project’s scale, size, and demonstrable impact highlight the transformative power of investing in innovative educational models and solutions. Nischals urges other states to consider replicating this successful model to enhance school infrastructure, enrich the academic experience, and ultimately elevate the overall quality of education throughout India”.

This ambitious partnership, overseen by The Gujarat Government’s Vidya Samiksha Kendra (VSK), serves as the command control center for schools, monitoring activities to ensure the effectiveness of the initiative to significantly improve the quality of education and infrastructure in all government and grant-in-aid schools across Gujarat. The content has been customized in accordance with the inputs of GCERT experts and, after implementation, has also received positive feedback. The labs consist of over 10,000 components, lab manuals and video guides all of which have been specifically translated into Gujarati. Teacher training programs were also conducted, equipping them with the required skillset. Apart from this, in its recent survey nischals announced that 99% of teachers prefer experimental teaching approaches over traditional methods. They have also secured a patent from the Government of India for ‘World’s first portable micro-scale labs’ designed to reshape the education landscape and revolutionize conventional teaching methodologies by introducing a hands-on experiential learning approach for students from grades 1-10.


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