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Ramagya School Introduces Summer Camp Odyssey 2024


Ramagya School Introduces Summer Camp Odyssey 2024


Ramagya School’s Summer Camp Odyssey 2024 promises an enriching adventure for children, offering a platform to explore, learn, and grow.

Delhi-NCR, 14th May 2024: With a lot of enthusiasm Ramagya School has announced the launch of its much-awaited event: Summer Camp Odyssey 2024. Set against the backdrop of the sprawling Sector 50 campus, this immersive camp promises an extraordinary experience for young learners eager to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure.

The upcoming Summer Camp Odyssey will offer a diverse range of activities tailored to cater to the varied interests and passions of young learners. From 27th May to 15th June, the students of all ages are invited at this camp to partake in a myriad of enriching activities designed to ignite their imagination, stimulate their creativity, and nurture their personal growth. Summer Camp Odyssey offers something for every young mind, unleashing their creativity and talent.

Mr. Utkarsh Gupta, Managing Director, Ramagya Group said, “At Ramagya School, we believe that every child is unique and along this vision, the Summer Camp Odyssey is slated to provide the perfect platform for them to shine bright and unleash their creativity. Through this camp, we aim to inspire and empower children to explore their interests, hone their skills, and discover their true potential. With the array of activities arranged, this camp is all set to become a journey of self-discovery and creativity for every child.”

At Summer Camp Odyssey, creativity knows no bounds. Participants will have the opportunity to explore a wide array of artistic pursuits, from theatrical performances to hands-on crafting workshops. Whether it’s mastering the art of pottery, honing their writing skills in creative writing sessions, or capturing the beauty of the world through photography, campers will find endless opportunities to express themselves and unleash their inner artist.

Ramagya School places a strong emphasis on physical fitness and wellness. So, at Summer Camp Odyssey, the sports enthusiasts can channel their energy into a variety of athletic activities, including basketball, cricket, swimming, and more. Meanwhile, yoga and meditation sessions provide campers with the tools to cultivate mindfulness, reduce stress, and enhance their overall well-being.

Beyond the classroom, Summer Camp Odyssey is dedicated to empowering students with valuable life skills and knowledge. From culinary arts and baking essentials to robotics and technology workshops, participants will gain practical skills that will serve them well beyond the campgrounds.

With a focus on experiential learning and hands-on exploration, Ramagya School is committed to equipping students with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. The students can register for the Summer Camp Odyssey at Ramagya School, Sector 50, Noida, from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM.


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