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Greenwood High Marks World Environment Day with Plastic-Free World, Spreading Awareness


Greenwood High Marks World Environment Day with Plastic-Free World, Spreading Awareness


In keeping with spirit of working towards a safer earth, Greenwood High International School commemorated World Environment Day on June 05, 2024 and highlighted the dangers of regular use of plastic. The students came up with creative slogans highlighting the dangerous effects of plastic on the environment.

Furthermore, a poster-making contest was held, allowing children to showcase their interpretation of a sustainable, plastic-free planet creatively. The school also arranged a tree-planting event, with students enthusiastically participating by planting saplings throughout the school premises, enhancing the prospects for a more environmentally friendly tomorrow. This event also educated the participants about the importance of trees and fostered a deeper connection between the school community and the environment.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School, said: “Greenwood High, renowned for its lush green campus, further solidified its environmental commitment through these initiatives, enhancing its distinguished reputation. The school always believes in lending a hand to the world in its battle against plastic and will encourage the larger community in raising awareness to rid the planet of plastic.”

The school administration expressed their gratitude to everyone involved, highlighting that such efforts were essential in creating a greener world for future generations. With each passing day, Greenwood High campus would become a living testament to the dedication and hard work of staff and students.


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