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Diksha Portal: How It Is benefiting education sector


Diksha Portal: How It Is benefiting education sector


The Diksha portal is an initiative of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), which is an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. The NCERT is responsible for developing and promoting educational resources and materials for school education in the country. The Diksha portal is one such initiative of the NCERT to provide a digital infrastructure for knowledge sharing and access to educational resources for teachers and students across the country.

The Diksha portal has brought several benefits to the education sector in India. Here are some of the ways it is benefiting the sector:

Access to quality educational resources: The Diksha portal provides access to a vast repository of digital educational resources, including textbooks, e-books, interactive simulations, videos, and quizzes. Teachers and students can access these resources anytime and anywhere, making learning more flexible and personalized.

Enhancing teaching and learning outcomes: Diksha provides personalized learning, progress tracking, and assessment tools for teachers and students. Teachers can create their own lessons and assessments, and students can take quizzes and tests to monitor their progress. This enhances the teaching and learning outcomes, leading to better academic performance.

Bridging the digital divide: Diksha is available in multiple Indian languages, making it accessible to a wider audience across the country. It also offers offline access to content, which is useful for areas with limited internet connectivity. This helps bridge the digital divide in the education sector and ensures that quality educational resources reach every corner of the country.

Empowering teachers: The Diksha portal offers teacher training modules, which can help teachers develop their professional skills and keep up-to-date with the latest teaching practices. This empowers teachers to provide better quality education to their students.

In summary, the Diksha portal is benefiting the education sector in India by providing access to quality educational resources, enhancing teaching and learning outcomes, bridging the digital divide, and empowering teachers.


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