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Oxford Big Read global competition commences for primary and secondary school students across India


Oxford Big Read global competition commences for primary and secondary school students across India


Oxford University Press (OUP) India announces the launch of 5th edition of the Oxford Big Read Global competition, an annual reading competition aimed at promoting good reading habits among primary and secondary school students. The Oxford Big Read, India’s first and broadest extensive reading competition, is open to all students from classes 1-9 studying in schools across India.

The Oxford Big Read Global competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop good reading habits which will inculcate many positive traits that will empower children later in life. Participating in the competition will not only give them an opportunity to read and enjoy quality texts but will also develop a lifelong passion for reading with the added benefit of winning gifts and certificates that will keep them motivated.

Speaking about the competition, Sumanta Datta, MD, Oxford University Press India, said, “We are thrilled to announce the Oxford Big Read Global Competition in India and encourage students to develop a lifelong love of good reading. The competition provides a fantastic opportunity for students to engage in reading and broaden their horizons through the power of literature. Our mission with Oxford Big Read has always been to support education by focusing on a better future, society and world. We hope that this competition will inspire young minds across India to explore the world of books and discover the joy of reading.”

This year, OUP has collaborated with Faber-Castell. Students participating in the Level 1 category can win exclusive gift hampers from Faber-Castell.

The competition

There are three levels in the competition, with each level tailored to specific class groups:

  1. Level 1 (classes 1-3): Design a new book jacket for the book read, and include the title, author, illustration, and two sentences about the book.
  2. Level 2 (classes 4-6): Write something interesting about the book. Include the title, author, kind of story, setting, and main characters. What did you like, what did you dislike, and if the story can be changed, what would it be?
  • Level 3 (classes 7-9): Write a critical review of an OUP book. Include the title, author, kind of story, setting, and main characters. Write a critical review or compare and contrast two.

How to Participate?

Students who participate in the competition will need to read any one reader of OUP from the Big Read catalogue provided and do the activity based on the category they belong to. They can also read an eBook from Oxford Reading Buddy, OUP’s digital reading service that develops comprehension skills and encourages a love of reading. Participating schools can avail of a free trial of Oxford Reading Buddy for up to 100 students of classes 3 – 4 for three months to support their reading.

Entries for the competition must be submitted through the school, and the deadline for sharing entries is October 5, 2023. No individual entries from parents/children will be accepted. National-level winners will be announced on October 30, 2023, and global winners will be announced on November 30, 2023. The submitted entries will be evaluated for creativity, imagination, and originality and will be adjudged by an expert panel of a jury.

For more information on the Oxford Big Read Global competition, please visit the OUP India webpage at https://india.oup.com/oxfordbigread


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