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The Shriram Wonder Years Organises Pre-Holi Bash For Its Students


The Shriram Wonder Years Organises Pre-Holi Bash For Its Students


The tiny tots of The Shriram Wonder Years, along with their parents, enjoyed a Pre-Holi celebration at the senior school. It was a special Play Date organised with an aim of engaging kids and their parents in multifarious activities like aerobics, rhyme karaoke, balancing a ball on the newspaper race, t-shirt painting, musical chairs, etc., ensuring that they spend a good time at the festive celebration. The three-way handshake was beautifully brought to the fore as students, parents, and teachers came together to kickstart the energetic festival of Holi.

The teachers and students thoroughly enjoy the soulful celebration. Children had a lot of joy exploring the culture and concept behind the festival. They enjoyed swaying to the well-known songs. Holi represents the coming together of various groups and the celebration of universal brotherhood, so it was a wonderful experience for everyone. The Head of the School also motivated the students with her words at the end of the event.

“Holi is a festival of fun and joy, and no one can be a better company than kids for a warm celebration. This festive celebration with the kids and their parents served as a symbol of our dedication to maintaining a balance between teachers and parents, two crucial aspects of a child’s life. We leave no chance to come together and explore opportunities in the form of such events. The teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed this calm yet lively party, making priceless memories they will treasure for years,” said Ms. Shubhi Soni, Head of the School, The Shriram Wonder Years.


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