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Vidya Vanam To Host 5th National Conference on Liberal Arts Education On 25 May


Vidya Vanam To Host 5th National Conference on Liberal Arts Education On 25 May


Anaikatti’s Vidya Vanam Senior Secondary School is set to welcome educators, scholars, and enthusiasts to its fifth National Conference on Education, focusing on the pivotal role of Liberal Arts Education. Despite the established benefits of Liberal Arts in fostering critical thinking and analytical prowess, the dominance of STEM subjects remains a preference for many.

The conference agenda encompasses a diverse array of topics, including the early introduction of Social Sciences, the enduring significance of Fine Arts, navigating the teaching of History and Political Science in contemporary contentious contexts, the intersection of Sustainability and Liberal Arts, regional language integration in Liberal Arts education, and dispelling misconceptions surrounding career prospects post-Liberal Arts education.

Distinguished figures in academia and public life will grace the event with their insights. Renowned educationist Rohit Dhankar will deliver the Keynote Address on May 24th, while Kanimozhi Karunanidhi, MP and Deputy General Secretary of the DMK, will conclude the conference with the Valedictory Address on May 25th. Notable speakers include A.R. Venkatachalapathy, Abhilash Pillai, Anna Chandy, Apoorvanand, and many others.

Interactive dialogues, panel discussions, and hands-on workshops will enrich the conference experience. Participants can engage in workshops such as ‘Teaching Liberal Arts’ led by Anna Chandy, ‘Art in Mathematics’ by S. Praveen, and ‘Teaching Fine Arts’ by Sangeetha Sivakumar.

The conference is scheduled for May 24th and 25th. For registration and further details, interested individuals can visit Vidya Vanam’s official website, reach out via email at [email protected], or call +919751533757

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