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NFTFN Secures Investor Backing, Raises ₹5 Cr in Initial Funding Round


NFTFN Secures Investor Backing, Raises ₹5 Cr in Initial Funding Round


NFTFN, a leading innovator in the web3 fintech sector, is pleased to announce substantial early support in its initial offering, raising an impressive ₹5 crores ($600,000). This significant investor engagement, with over 20 million tokens already allocated, highlights the strong market confidence in the potential of NFTFN’s flagship product, SuperNova (SNV). SuperNova is designed to facilitate easy access to the thriving NFT market, offering a straightforward entry point for all users.

Abhishek Kumar Gupta, CMO and Co-founder of NFTFN, commented on the challenges that SuperNova addresses: “The NFT space has been difficult for average users due to high entry costs and a lack of sophisticated trading tools. SuperNova is designed to eliminate these barriers, making it possible for everyone to engage with the NFT world in a meaningful way.”

The initial offering is strategically structured to reward early participants with advantageous terms through a multi-stage approach. The first phase saw a rapid allocation of 10 million tokens at just $0.025 each, reflecting the high level of investor interest. The ongoing phase continues to attract significant attention with 25 million tokens available at $0.030 each.

Vikas Singh, CEO and Co-founder of NFTFN, shared his vision for SuperNova’s impact: “With SuperNova, trading high-value NFTs like BAYC or MAYC becomes accessible to everyone. Starting with just $10, users can engage with a selection of Blue-Chip NFTs, opening up a market segment previously accessible only to the affluent.”

Looking forward, NFTFN has an ambitious roadmap for 2024, including the launch of the main net and the introduction of individual NFT Perps like BAYC, along with Ordinals Perp.

The company is also set to expand its services to include real-time market updates, cross-margin trading, and potential partnerships with leading financial institutions to introduce NFT indices to mainstream markets.

With the global NFT market expected to reach $230 billion by 2030, NFTFN is positioning itself as a key contributor to this dynamic growth, offering a unique opportunity for individuals to join a pioneering platform at the forefront of NFT finance.

For additional details on the initial offering and upcoming developments at NFTFN, please visit nftfn.xyz


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