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BluSmart Launches ‘BluSmart Charge’ App & Opens EV Charging Service to Public


BluSmart Launches ‘BluSmart Charge’ App & Opens EV Charging Service to Public


BluSmart, South Asia’s largest born electric, full-stack, vertically integrated eMobility ride-hailing service and EV Charging Infrastructure network, today announced the launch of its ‘BluSmart Charge’ App on Google play store and Apple App store. Set to make charging available across Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, BluSmart Charge App caters to all EV users, including fleet operators and individuals, providing unparalleled convenience and meeting diverse EV customer needs.

Alongside the charge app launch, BluSmart also expanded its charging infrastructure network and achieved a significant milestone by opening its 50th EV charging hub.

The BluSmart Charge App embodies the ARC promise – Accessible, Reliable and Convenient charging for all and the key features include:

Enhanced Charger Discovery: Finds chargers tailored to vehicle type easily, recommending relevant charging connectors and real-time update on availability and status of charging stations
Unified App Experience: One app for both fleet operators and individuals
Seamless Payment Integration: A secure and streamlined payment process for both fleet operators and public users, making it convenient for users to access charging services on the go
Digitized Entry and Exit: Experience improved safety with digitized entry and exit process at BluSmart charging stations
Centralized Fleet Management System: Allows fleet operators to track and monitor charging sessions and payments seamlessly on the dashboard

BluSmart’s state-of-the-art EV Charging hubs, comprising underground and open charging facilities, span over 1.8 million sq. ft. area with over 5,000 (fast and slow) EV charging stations powered by green source. Strategically located in prime real estate areas such as malls, corporate parks, and metro stations, these hubs offer superior design, minimal car queuing, and industry-leading capacity utilization of 25%.

Commenting on the BluSmart Charge App’s launch, Tushar Garg, Co-Founder and CEO, BluSmart Charge said, “We believe that the ‘BluSmart Charge’ App will be a game-changer in the EV industry, offering a seamless and hassle-free charging experience to all EV users. As we expand our footprint, the magnitude and density of the EV charging infrastructure is crucial to make charging easily available. India is undergoing an eMobility transition and BluSmart’s deep network of world-class infrastructure and well-equipped charging hubs will contribute to the rapid adoption and ease of access to charging stations. BluSmart Charge’s promise is ARC – Accessible, Reliable and Convenient charging for all and that is what we aim to make the process of charging as, thus addressing the key challenges in EV adoption in India.”

Our latest achievement of setting up the 50th charging hub reflects our commitment to offer convenient and efficient charging solutions.” added Tushar Garg, Co-founder and CEO, BluSmart Charge.

Anmol Singh Jaggi, Co-founder – BluSmart said, “BluSmart continues to deliver on its fundamental strength of being a full-stack, vertically integrated EV ecosystem. In our journey of building a safe, reliable electric ride hailing service, the unavailability of charging infrastructure is a key pain point that we set out to solve. BluSmart is leading the charge in expanding India’s footprint of EV fleet and charging infrastructure network. This is a huge step forward in our promise to build long term solutions for enabling eMobility in Indian mega-cities.”

BluSmart became the first mobility player in India to transition from zero tailpipe emissions to a 100% emissions-free company, through its efforts towards sourcing 100% green energy. With over 7,500 EV fleet, largest in South Asia, it has completed more than 14.9 million emission-free trips covering over 492 million electric kilometers saving 35.7 Million Kgs of CO2 emissions, since inception in 2019.

Download the app: Google Play store and Apple App store


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