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Baby Care Brand TERRA Continues to Grow Globally, Expands to 5 More Nations


Baby Care Brand TERRA Continues to Grow Globally, Expands to 5 More Nations


TERRA wipes and diapers, the globally leading premium eco-conscious baby & mother care products manufacturer, has recently announced its expansion into new international markets, including Taiwan, Canada, UAE, and Mexico. This expansion marks a significant milestone in TERRA’s journey towards becoming the global conscious choice for consumers seeking sustainable baby & mother care solutions.

Recognized for its commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious practices, TERRA has achieved widespread praise for its Biodegradable Baby Wipes and Plant-Based Diapers, which have seen exceptional consumer response in key markets such as the USA and its home market of New Zealand. A rising concern overseas: an alarming 60% of traditional personal care disposable products often end up largely in landfills, which burden the biodiversity gravely. TERRA specializes in ideating these revolutionary eco-conscious wipes and Diapers that are thoughtfully crafted to uphold faster biodegradability. This makes them ecologically friendly irrespective of whether they are composted in the user’s backyard or end up in the landfills, they cause no harm to the biodiversity and are degraded in an eco-friendly way.

TERRA wipes are made of 100% bamboo as opposed to nasty chemicals. Crafted with pure New Zealand waters, these wipes offer a gentle and safe solution for individuals of all ages, catering especially to the needs of newborns and their mothers.

TERRA plant-based Diapers, designed mindfully, are made with 85% plant-based materials. The Diapers are made with bamboo for naturally soft and gentle fibre, corn starch for natural waterproofing, wood pulp for high-efficiency absorption, sugar cane for effective gentle coating, and rice as a natural glue. The Diapers have unique features: a feather-like ultra-soft top sheet that is suitable for all skin types; a 3D leak guard with an active barrier that prevents leak & side spills; a unique 360° absorbent pad providing increased absorbency area for instant dryness, and ultra-soft, high-back waistband for a comfortable and snug fit. The Diapers contain no harmful chemicals and are tested and certified to be suitable for highly delicate skin.

As consumer behavior increasingly prioritizes eco-friendly and sustainable options, TERRA wipes and diapers are paving the way to become the leader in the same category in the baby & mother care industry globally. Its non-toxic, gentle, and earth-oriented products reverberate deeply with conscious parents seeking the best for their families. TERRA’s raw materials and products are tested & certified by a clutch of globally recognized authorities and organizations including SGS, FSC, Dermatest, Intertek, and New Zealand FernMark accreditation, which echo the brand’s careful approach in crafting its eco-friendly wipes while using best-in-class biodegradable raw materials considering catering to a wider global audience. With its expansion into new regions, TERRA wipes and diapers aim to provide consumers worldwide with access to high-quality, environmentally friendly baby & mother care products.

Speaking about the expansion, Tapasya Sharma at TERRA, said, “We are excited to introduce TERRA’s eco-conscious baby & mother care products to new regions around the globe, following the success that we have recorded in our home markets – New Zealand & India, as well as the established markets in wellness including the USA, Japan, and Chile. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation drives us to continuously expand our reach, offering consumers everywhere the opportunity to make a conscious choice for themselves and the planet. We are excited to become the conscious choice label in the sustainable baby care sector globally.”

TERRA is a subsidiary of ZETA Group, a New Zealand-owned and operated FMCG manufacturer specializing in baby & mother care hygiene products including diapers and wipes. ZETA Group is New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of these products, serving customers across New Zealand, Australia, Europe, North America, and Asia.


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