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Karna D Shinde Invests in 8chili for Immersive Technology for Advanced Workforce Training


Karna D Shinde Invests in 8chili for Immersive Technology for Advanced Workforce Training


In a recent announcement, 8chili, a pioneering deep tech company based in San Ramon, California and Bangalore, India, has announced a significant investment from strategic investor and mentor Karna D Shinde. This investment marks a milestone in 8chili’s journey as it continues to lead the way in immersive technology for workforce training.

8chili is renowned for its innovative VR platform, HintVR™, designed to deliver immersive training experiences for quality and compliance needs in healthcare and life science sectors. HintVR™ is an end-to-end enterprise platform powered by an SDK, enabling organizations to create 3D training simulations 80% faster than traditional methods. The platform has demonstrated tangible results, including reduced error rates and faster competency times, as evidenced by multiple case studies.

The company’s commitment to revolutionizing traditional training methods has garnered attention from industry leaders and analysts alike. 8Chilli has partnered with customers in the Healthcare and Life Science industry, like Strides Pharma and Apollo Hospitals, that have recognized the value of 8chili’s offerings and have implemented the company’s solutions in their operations. This validation from industry leaders underscores the efficacy and relevance of VR Training in addressing the workforce training needs.

“We are thrilled to have Karna D Shinde’s support as we continue to push the boundaries of immersive training. His strategic insight and financial backing will enable us to accelerate our research and development efforts, expand our market reach and forge key partnerships within the healthcare industry.” said Aravind Upadhyaya, Founder and CEO of 8chili..”

Expressing his enthusiasm for 8chili’s innovative approach, Karna D Shinde commented, “I am particularly excited about 8chili’s ability to revolutionize traditional training methods and enhance time to skill mastery for workers. With their strong track record and clear focus on delivering impactful solutions, I see great potential for 8chili to make a significant mark in the workforce training industry.”

As part of its commitment to continuous innovation, 8chili conducts studies to benchmark the impact of VR on training. The company has demonstrated impressive results, including a 50% reduction in time to competency and a 70% reduction in error rates through multiple randomized control trials.

Looking ahead, 8chili is focused on exploring strategic partnerships to expand its library of workforce training modules. These partnerships aim to empower blue-collar workers with a quality-first mindset, ultimately facilitating job placement.

About 8Chilli: 8chili is a deep tech company pioneering workforce training through immersive technology. The company is one of the top 3 companies covered by Gartner in the emerging metaverse technology companies for 2023. The company has a development center in Bengaluru, India. 8chili has developed an innovative VR platform, HintVR™, to deliver immersive training for various disciplines. HintVR™ enables organizations to adopt a comprehensive immersive training platform with a clear focus on ROI. The platform is 80% faster in content creation saving time and money for clients and thus breaking barriers for enterprise wide VR adoption for training .



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