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Propelld Reveals 30-Day Q&A Series on Education Financing via Social Media


Propelld Reveals 30-Day Q&A Series on Education Financing via Social Media


● Brand invited questions on education loans, scholarships, and navigating the financial aid application process on their YouTube and Instagram handles.

 ● Experts helped students learn how to manage loan debts and repayment strategies, identify resources, and tools for financial literacy and planning.

Propelld recently announced the launch of a comprehensive month-long Q&A series for 30 days on Education Financing on their social media platforms. Started from June 1, Propelld will address any questions that students or parents post on their Instagram or YouTube handles about different types of education loans, alternative financing options like scholarships and grants, and how to apply for these.

 “We were excited to launch this comprehensive series on Education Financing, as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting students and families in their pursuit of higher education,” said Brijesh Samantaray, Co-Founder at Propelld. “By providing expert insights, practical tips, and valuable resources, we empowered parents to make informed decisions about financing their child’s academic journey.” Aimed at increasing financial literacy, the brand answered 30 questions in 30 days to address the critical aspects of financing higher education, including loans, scholarships, and financial aid, to assist students and families in navigating the complexities of funding their academic pursuits. Parents could have posted their questions on https://www.instagram.com/propelldedufin and https://www.youtube.com/@propelld


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