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Merging Technologies Reveals ANUBIS, HAPI MkII & I/O Extension Cards In India

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Merging Technologies Reveals ANUBIS, HAPI MkII & I/O Extension Cards In India


Merging Technologies, the leading Swiss manufacturer of digital audio solutions, is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of its groundbreaking audio interface technology ANUBIS, HAPI MkII and I/O EXTENSION CARDS in India. Created with broadcasters and musicians in mind, Anubis and Hapi MkII promise to revolutionize the way users manage their workflows. By focusing on the needs of both, musicians and technicians, the software from Merging Technologies offers unparalleled control over the entire audio ecosystem, providing a seamless and intuitive user interface for multiple users.

Merging Anubis

The Merging Anubis is an exceptional AD/DA converter that distinguishes itself with its unique modularity and user-friendly interface. It offers musicians, producers, and home-recorders the infinite possibilities as it features a 32bit dual preamp topology, high-performance headphone amps, and D/A converters that leverage Merging’s vast experience

in the audiophile market. The result is a device that offers a perfect blend of superior sound quality and unrivaled versatility.

The Anubis comes in two variants: Anubis Pro SPS and Anubis Premium SPS with resolutions up to DXD/DSD. Each model provides distinct features designed to cater to different user profiles and audio requirements, making it a one-of-a-kind solution for diverse audio needs.

Merging Hapi MkII

The Merging Hapi MkII builds on the success of the widely acclaimed networked audio converter, HAPI. Incorporating the latest ZMAN technology, the new Hapi MkII introduces a host of notable enhancements such as channel-based routing, improved AoIP streams performance, and advanced headphones specifications. This device offers a flexible, top-notch audio interface for any DAW, making it an optimal choice for both local stagebox or studio rack applications, irrespective of the operating system.

Adding another layer of versatility, Merging’s EXTENSION CARDS offer users the opportunity to customize the Hapi MkII interface to meet their specific needs. With a wide array of input and output cards to choose from, the EXTENSION CARDS offer unmatched flexibility and power. Notably, the new ADA8S and ADA8P cards enhance the headroom of the mic-pre inputs and can effectively double the analog I/O count to 16 in/16 out in DSD, all contained within a 1U rack mountable box.

Speaking about these exciting new launches, Vipin Pungalia, Country Manager & Director- Sales Pro Audio, Sennheiser India, said, “The debut of these revolutionary Merging Technologies devices in the Indian market marks is a turning point in the advancement of the Indian professional audio industry. With the exceptional quality and unmatched versatility, these products have the capacity to revolutionize the landscape of audio production and recording in our nation. At Neumann, we are proud of our alliance with Merging Technologies as we usher a new age of cutting-edge audio solutions for the Indian market.”

Now being a part of Neumann.Berlin, Merging Technologies is reaffirming its dedication to provide top-notch audio solutions to professionals across the globe.

With the launch of Anubis, Hapi MKII, and Merging Extension Cards in India, the company has demonstrated its commitment to providing creative, superior audio products to audio professionals worldwide. Sennheiser’s purchase department and logistics have taken control of the supply of Merging products, leading to more efficient and cost-effective supply and delivery. Now, we can simplify the entire process for our partners, reduce import duties, and shipping costs, and ensure more regular delivery of Merging products. With this launch, the Indian pro audio sector enters a new phase and promises to raise the bar for audio production and recording in the nation.


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