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Only Much Louder’s Hypothesis Goes Global, AI-Driven Influencer Marketing Platform Enables Brands to Connect with Creators Worldwide

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Only Much Louder’s Hypothesis Goes Global, AI-Driven Influencer Marketing Platform Enables Brands to Connect with Creators Worldwide


Only Much Louder’s tech business, the AI-powered influencer marketing tech, Hypothesis, is set to expand its global footprint after revolutionizing the Indian influencer market. Built with a borderless vision primed to cater to the diverse needs of a global user base, Hypothesis takes the next step to establish its presence in several key international markets by 2025.  In the first phase of global expansion, Hypothesis will be available in the Asia-Pacific region (Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand), Middle Eastern countries (Abu Dhabi, GCC nations, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar) as well as strategic locations in Africa (Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa) along with the USA. Hypothesis will collaborate with global brands and agencies, enabling data-driven influencer marketing strategies, ensuring maximum returns on audience engagement/conversion. 

Hypothesis is a futuristic solution to influencer marketing for brands and agencies. Created with the inherent purpose to serve a global audience, this tech tool has streamlined the influencer marketing process in India by bringing together discovery, outreach and analytics under one umbrella. Hypothesis has emerged as a game-changer in the Indian creator economy, enabling brands and agencies to tap into diverse markets, leveraging its data-backed metrics that optimize campaigns and overcome geographical and language barriers for brands and agencies. Besides, the platform’s advanced approach aligns perfectly with the evolving needs of the industry, empowering brands to excel in their global marketing efforts.

OML’s strategic initiative to expand Hypothesis into diverse markets reflects a proactive approach to capitalize on the exponential growth of influencer marketing, which has experienced a remarkable CAGR of 33.4% in key regions such as Australia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. Furthermore, the USA, Asia-Pacific, and the MENA region emerge as dominant players in the global influencer marketing landscape, driven by cutting-edge technologies and an increasing demand for data analytics. In such a landscape, to cater to the strong demand for innovative influencer marketing solutions, OML has strategically chosen these regions for Hypothesis’ global expansion recognizing their significant growth opportunities. 

As OML has ventured into international markets across South-East Asia, the Middle East & Africa, and Eastern Europe, the company has established a large network of trusted channel partners, including creators, creator management agencies, and agency partners. Combined with OML’s in-house team, the network of businesses will propel the accelerated expansion of Hypothesis across these global markets. Along this journey, OML remains open to exploring new collaborations and opportunities with companies that share a common vision of transforming influencer marketing.

Himani Agrawal, Senior Vice President – Product & Analytics – Hypothesis, OML, said, “As brands and audiences alike are seeking authentic engagements from creators, data-driven insights have become the cornerstone of success in influencer marketing. At Hypothesis, we’re proud to cover these nuances by offering a comprehensive kit for creator evaluation using 100+ data points. From analyzing posting patterns to assessing the authenticity of engagements, we provide the ultimate tool needed for your marketing arsenal. All this is made even more convenient with our self-serve mode, empowering brands to initiate impactful influencer campaigns independently.” 

Gunjan Arya, CEO of OML Entertainment, said, “As we embark on this exciting journey, we’ll closely monitor several key milestones. We are aiming to infiltrate these markets at the rate of 5-10% in the first year, establishing ourselves as a recognized player in these new territories. We’ll also track our customer acquisition rate, and hope for a 15-20% jump to assess our effectiveness in reaching new audiences. Besides, we aim to derive over 35% of revenue from our global expansion efforts. Finally, to foster a truly global community, our goal is to achieve half of our website and social media engagement from international audiences, propelling a transformation in the influencer economy with our SaaS product, Hypothesis.”

For more than two decades, OML has been a leading network of businesses with extensive reach across artist management, influencer marketing, branded content, tech and development of original long-form content in over 22 countries. Recognizing the gap in scalable creator technology and services, OML created Hypothesis. Now, with Hypothesis’ global expansion in focus, the company aims to unlock doors for more brands and agencies worldwide, especially in key regions where the influencer marketing industry is thriving – to empower the creator economy.


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