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FoodPharmer Launches ‘Label Padhega India’ to Combat False Marketing in Packaged Foods


FoodPharmer Launches ‘Label Padhega India’ to Combat False Marketing in Packaged Foods


Renowned food crusader and social media de-influencer Revant Himatsingka, popularly known as FoodPharmer, has taken a significant step in the battle against adulteration in packaged foods with the launch of his latest initiative, “Label Padhega India”

In the last few weeks itself, there have been major food scams such as masala-cancer controversy, baby-milk sugar controversy, protein-powder controversy, health-drinks getting delisted as health drinks. The”Label Padhega India” initiative aims to raise awareness about the hidden dangers lurking behind the nutritional labels of packaged foods, highlighting the poor effects of preservatives and unhealthy additives on consumers’ health.

Food Pharmer sheds light on the deceptive marketing gimmicks used by brands to promote their products as “100 percent healthy,” while concealing harmful preservatives and additives in the fine print of nutritional labels. One of the key issues highlighted by FoodPharmer is the alarming trend of children being lured into consuming sugary “healthy” drinks and powders under the image of nutrition. He emphasizes the critical role of dietary habits in shaping individual health outcomes, urging consumers to be mindful of the ingredients hidden behind flashy packaging.

FoodPharmer’s addresses highlighting in the anthem, “You are what you eat” encapsulates the core message of the initiative, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in the food industry. He adds “I have initiated a social media challenge to my audience to tag three individuals and urge them read the nutritional labels of packaged foods. If we all start reading labels, companies will not be able to falsely market themselves”

Supporting FoodPharmer in his mission there are influential personalities, including Dinesh Karthik, Abhinav Bindra, Flying Beast, Archana Puran Singh, Terence Lewis, Ankita Bainyanpuria, Ankur Warikoo, Tech Burner, Thugesh, Saurav Joshi, Abhi and Niyu, Luke Coutinho, and many more.

Through his compelling message and collaborative efforts with fellow influencers, FoodPharmer aims to ignite a nationwide movement towards a healthier, more sustainable food ecosystem.


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