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MediBuddy’s Health Camps Foster Preventive Care, Facilitating 1.80 Lac Check-ups


MediBuddy’s Health Camps Foster Preventive Care, Facilitating 1.80 Lac Check-ups


MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, organised large-scale health check camps in both urban and rural areas across the country, bringing essential preventive care services directly to underserved communities.

In the financial year 2024, MediBuddy vHealth touched 3,45,000 lives and facilitated an impressive 2,12,980 health check-ups. Out of these, camps facilitated a staggering 1,80,484 health check-ups, marking a remarkable 2.3x growth compared to 78, 958 check-ups in the previous fiscal year.

To bring preventive care closer to communities, MediBuddy organised a total of 8,051 camps throughout the country in FY24 with a total of 180,484 samples collected. While the majority of samples- 1,13,541 were collected from rural areas, 66,943 were collected from urban centres. These comprehensive health camps encouraged participants to take advantage of MediBuddy’s convenient home sample collection services and follow-up tele-consultations with specialised doctors, addressing financial and geographical barriers to healthcare access.

An analysis of the camp data revealed alarming insights – a staggering 70% of participants had deranged test values, with the most common diagnoses being pre-diabetes, diabetes, dyslipidemia, nutritional deficiencies (iron and vitamin D), and fatty liver disease. By facilitating early detection and timely interventions, these camps significantly improved health outcomes for countless individuals.

Satish Kannan, Co-founder and CEO, MediBuddy, stated, “Health check-up camps are a game-changer for public health. They bring essential preventive care directly to people, regardless of geographical barriers. This not only improves overall healthcare outcomes but aligns perfectly with MediBuddy’s vision of making high-quality healthcare accessible to a billion people. We’re committed to reaching even more people, and these camps help bridge the gap between urban healthcare providers and rural communities, building trust and encouraging people to prioritise their health.”

In addition to providing vital screenings, the camps raised awareness about the importance of prioritising health and empowered participants to maximise their membership benefits. Patients with concerning test results were promptly arranged for online video consultations with doctors, and necessary medications were delivered directly to their homes.

Through its innovative approach and unwavering dedication, MediBuddy continues to revolutionise healthcare accessibility, empowering communities to take charge of their well-being and paving the way for a healthier nation.


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