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Big Daddy Casino Issues Alert on Scams: Stay Alert Against Fake Apps & Websites


Big Daddy Casino Issues Alert on Scams: Stay Alert Against Fake Apps & Websites


Big Daddy Casino, the premier offshore gaming destination situated on the river Mandovi, is alerting the public about a number of deceptive websites, scam pages, and unauthorised apps that falsely use the Big Daddy Casino name. These fraudulent platforms are misleading the public by leveraging the casino’s established reputation and goodwill to engage in online scams.

Notably, several mobile applications available on the Google Play Store, such as “Big Daddy Game,” “Big Daddy Game: BDG WIN,” and others, are exploiting the Big Daddy Casino brand by making use of it without authorization. These apps do not feature the official Big Daddy Casino logo nor are they affiliated with the casino in any legitimate capacity. They aim to capitalise on the Big Daddy Casino’s brand value to attract users and engage in potentially fraudulent activities. However, the websites are illicitly exploiting brand’s private data, which includes their logo, images and other sensitive information.

The casino has also observed a rise in fake pages and scam activities across various social media platforms, including Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram. These deceptive pages falsely claim to offer online gaming services under the brand Big Daddy Casino, which poses significant risk to both the public and the integrity of the casino’s brand.

Despite proactive engagement with Facebook, Instagram, and intellectual property enforcement agencies to tackle these issues, Big Daddy casino still faces these challenges as numerous scam pages are still active, undermining the casino’s efforts to ensure and maintain a secure environment for its patrons.

Big Daddy Casino has recently taken to its official Instagram handle (@bigdaddygoa) to raise awareness about these fraudulent activities. A detailed video reel outlines the extent of the scam activities and provides viewers with tips on how to identify and avoid falling prey to these fraudulent schemes. The casino encourages its followers to watch and share the video to maximise outreach and protect potential victims from these scams.

“We are deeply concerned about these fraudulent activities and the harm they cause to our patrons,” said  Mr. Amit Garg, Operations Head, Big Daddy Casino. “We want to make it clear that Big Daddy Casino does not offer online gaming services, and our only official Instagram handle is @bigdaddygoa. We urge the public to stay vigilant and to report any suspicious activities that misuse our name or brand.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to ensure safety and customer satisfaction, Big Daddy Casino continues to collaborate with law enforcement, social media platforms, and intellectual property agencies to eradicate these fraudulent activities.


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