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5 Health Startups Working On Healthcare Ecosystem of 2024


5 Health Startups Working On Healthcare Ecosystem of 2024


The healthcare industry in India is experiencing exponential growth, fueled by a heightened awareness of health and wellness among people. This surge in demand has created immense potential within the healthcare world. Leveraging the power of technology, innovative solutions are emerging to address challenges, such as timely access to ambulances,nutrition plans or getting treatment across borders.

Many startups are coming into play serving as comprehensive solutions, offering a wide array of services under one roof. They are revolutionizing the healthcare ecosystem in India and globally, enhancing accessibility and quality of care. Let’s explore these pioneering ventures that are reshaping the healthcare landscape and improving lives worldwide.

MediJourney by Ferns N Petals 

MediJourney, a venture by Ferns N Petals, connects global patients with top doctors and hospitals in India. Launched in 2024 by Mr.Vikaas Gutgutia and Rishabh Jalan it aims to make India the premier destination for healthcare, combating unfair practices and enhancing accountability in healthcare.

Offering tailored solutions for medical needs, it provides expert consultations, visa support, Tele-Medicine, and follow-up care. With 1500+ doctors and affiliations with 300+ hospitals like Fortis and Apollo, MediJourney ensures a smooth medical journey.

Keto India 

Keto India, spearheaded by Sahil Pruthi, stands as a beacon of personalized healthcare. Inspired by his mother’s recovery from brain surgery, Sahil embarked on a journey to revolutionize nutrition and launched Keto India in 2024. Leveraging technology, Keto India dispels myths surrounding food, nutrition, and health. Its mission is to enlighten individuals about the significance of proper nutrition through tailored meal plans. The founder’s vision transcends the notion that food is merely about calories and energy intake. He emphasizes the importance of macro and micronutrients, as well as the hormonal impact of food consumption.


Medulance, led by Ravjot Singh Arora and Pranav Bajaj, is dedicated to transforming emergency medical services. With a fleet exceeding 10,000 ambulances nationwide, they’ve made emergency care more accessible. Their pioneering GPS-based platform ensures swift and reliable first-point medical attention. Medulance aims to redefine India’s approach to emergency care and make ambulance services as accessible as food or taxis, providing integrated emergency response support and seamless ambulance booking and tracking.

What’s Up Wellness

Vaibhav Makhija and Sayantani Mandal have introduced What’s Up Wellness in 2020, pioneering in the field of nutritional supplements with their delightful range of gummy vitamins. These innovative gummies not only cater to everyday health needs but also appeal to a younger demographic seeking convenient wellness solutions. Plant-based, gluten-free, and non-habit-forming, these health gummies provide a burst of essential vitamins, meeting daily nutritional requirements effortlessly. Whether it’s enhancing beauty or improving sleep quality, What’s Up Wellness multivitamin gummies offer comprehensive support for your well-being.


DigiQure founded in 2018, tackles the pressing challenge of healthcare accessibility in India’s rural areas through telemedicine. Their platform enables online consultations, digital prescriptions, medicine delivery, and lab tests, effectively bridging the gap between urban and rural healthcare. Co-founded by Akanksh Tandon, DigiQure brings essential healthcare services to underserved communities.


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