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Aratt Amora in Jigani Installs Boson Whitewater & Recycles 50 kl of Wastewater Everyday


Aratt Amora in Jigani Installs Boson Whitewater & Recycles 50 kl of Wastewater Everyday


As the city grapples with severe water shortage, yet another apartment in Bengaluru has taken a step towards water conservation. Aratt Amora in Jigani has implemented Boson Whitewater’s advanced 11-step water recycling technology to convert sewage treatment plant (STP)-treated wastewater into high-quality water, referred to as Whitewater.

Aratt Amora, consisting of over 160 villas, generates approximately 70 kilolitres of wastewater daily. With surplus STP treated water left unused after treatment, the apartment community decided to install the Boson Whitewater system, aimed at both efficient utilization and future reuse possibilities. Post-installation, the apartment complex now produces 50 kilolitres of clean water each day, contributing to the water needs of nearby industries within a 5-kilometre radius in the Jigani industrial area.

Commenting on this, Vikas Brahmavar, CEO and Co-Founder, Boson Whitewater, said, “ As water scarcity continues to be a key issue across many areas in the city, many residential communities have implemented initiatives for potable water recovery from wastewater. They are effectively converting lakhs of litres of wastewater into clean, reusable water every day. We have seen an increase in interest in water saving initiatives across apartment communities in Bengaluru and we hope that many more communities will come forward to opt for wastewater recycling”.

A resident of Aratt Amora said, “We are incredibly fortunate to possess our own water sources here in Aratt Amora. Alongside utilizing treated wastewater from our Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for gardening and maintenance, we’ve recognized a surplus of STP water. As a community, we felt compelled to address the pressing issue of water scarcity, not just within Bengaluru but globally. Through discussions among residents, it became evident that we had a responsibility to contribute meaningfully to the solution. This led us to seek out a sustainable approach capable of transforming STP water into clean, potable water. Our decision to partner with Boson Whitewater aligns with our commitment to environmental stewardship and community well-being.

“By recycling STP water into a resource suitable for nearby industries, we’re not only bolstering our community’s water sustainability but also lessening the strain on freshwater sources for neighboring businesses. This initiative, if adopted by more societies, will be a significant step towards creating a self-sustaining ecosystem that benefits the larger region.”, he added.

Boson Whitewater not only recycles wastewater but it also helps apartments to find a suitable avenue to manage their excess water sustainably. Most apartments today are unable to comply with ‘Zero Discharge Policy’ because they have no avenues to discharge their excess treated water. Even though they convert their wastewater into STP, they are able to use only 20% of it. An acre of garden typically requires approximately 5,000 litres of water per day on average. Hence, there will always be excess STP water which needs to be recycled. With recycling, the unused 80% can be converted into high quality potable water that can be supplied to nearby industries.

Currently, Boson Whitewater has been implemented in 4 apartments in Bengaluru and recycles more than 8 lakh litres of STP treated water everyday.


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