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48% of Urban Couples Influenced by Destination Wedding Costs: Betterhalf Survey

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48% of Urban Couples Influenced by Destination Wedding Costs: Betterhalf Survey


Indian weddings are renowned for their elaborate ceremonies, exquisite decor, picturesque venues, and culinary creations. All of these have contributed to making the Indian wedding market the second-largest in the world. In fact, weddings in India have truly evolved as brides and grooms today are more than ready to have their dream destination weddings instead of fitting them into the little traditional box.

Given the burgeoning trend of Destination Weddings, Betterhalf- India’s leading matrimony super-app and premier tech-enabled end-to-end wedding planning company recently conducted a survey to unveil a new perspective on Indian destination weddings, breaking them away from the connotations of being exorbitant affairs. With more than 47% of eligible bachelors and to-be-wed couples opting for destination weddings, Betterhalf’s survey also debunks the myths associated with the trend.

The majority of around 48% of urban professionals preferring to have a destination wedding are significantly influenced by the affordable cost associated with them. This majority underpins that destination weddings have departed from being costly celebrations to becoming more customizable as per the couple’s wedding budget. In addition, 25% of urban professionals value location while 23% consider experience as the key influential factor to choose a destination wedding.

“Destination weddings have evolved so much over the years, that they have emerged as the most favorable wedding option for India’s diverse populace. That being said, destination weddings are elaborate ceremonies and people tend to think of them as over-the-top expensive affairs. With our survey insights, we are hoping to break away from this persona of the Big-Fat destination Weddings, making it a dream come true for all by making budget-friendly destination weddings more accessible,” said Pawan Gupta, Co-founder and CEO of Betterhalf.

For all to-be-wed couples, budget plays a significant role, which was highlighted by Betterhalf’s survey as 72% of urban professionals considered it significant when planning a destination wedding. As a result, the secret ingredient to having the most surreal yet economical destination wedding that perfectly aligns with your budget is to engage the services of online wedding planning platforms, as preferred by 38% of couples in contrast to traditional planners.

With an online wedding planning platform, one can be guaranteed to have a fairytale wedding come true, in perfect accordance with the budget set. These online wedding platforms create a synergy between affordability and top-notch quality, and their network of multiple vendors further helps them offer the best services within the decided budget. While destination wedding planners can certainly help in allocating the budget effectively, over 54% of urban professionals want them to offer additional services like travel arrangements. Apart from this, over 30% of them look for assistance in on-site coordination respectively.

Thus, amidst all the pomp and circumstance, destination weddings can truly be economical. By choosing to engage the services of online wedding planning platforms, you stand a chance to save big bucks on your big day. Having said that, destination wedding or not, the most important element is cherishing the future that awaits you and your partner on this incredible journey.


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