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Captain’s Brew is boarding on Thane’s Runway

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Captain’s Brew is boarding on Thane’s Runway


Captain’s Brew is a unique new spot that blends a high-end ambiance with a complete aviation-themed dining experience. Set in the corporate heart of Thane’s Wagle Estate, this venue promises to take patrons on a journey, offering a thematic experience that reflects the owners’ vision.


The design of Captain’s Brew’s interior, crafted by Sanjna Talwar, was inspired by the aviation journey of its owner, Captain Teji Jha. Sanjna aimed to evoke a sense of adventure and comfort. Opting for subtlety, she carefully selected design elements that suggest the essence of flight, creating an elegant atmosphere. The decor stands out by combining aviation themes with functional, welcoming spaces, avoiding the usual clichés like airport look-alikes or cramped bathrooms. This design captures the spirit of travel and the thrill of discovery.

At the heart of Captain’s Brew, Pilot Jha directs the culinary experience, aspiring to establish a haven for craft beer lovers. This place is where the appreciation for expertly brewed beers, the thrill of first-class cuisine, and the creativity of unique cocktails come together. Drawing on her extensive experience travelling the world, Jha understands how diverse flavours can unite people. Captain’s Brew goes beyond being a simple brewery; it’s an all-encompassing dining destination with daily specials. The mission here is to offer extraordinary beers and a menu inspired by global flavours, accompanied by imaginative cocktails that spark a sense of adventure. Every drink and dish here tells a story, turning dining into a global adventure with aviation-themed names like Check-in Tawa Pulav, Auto Pilot Dal Makhani, and Aviator’s Tandoori Prawns.

The cocktail menu, crafted with the precision of an aviator and the curiosity of a traveller, includes innovative options like the Sky Bound Saffron Soar and Elevated Pisco Echo. These drinks, along with a broad selection of house-brewed beers, celebrate the journey of discovery that Pilot Jha has embarked on. The beer selection, with choices like Witbier Wings and Mile High Vanilla Porter, is a homage to the joy of sharing a pint, offering a variety of flavours crafted from select German malts.

Pilot Jha shares, “Captain’s Brew is about the passion we all harbour, ready to propel us on a world journey. It’s a tribute to my own path, inviting everyone to explore global flavours and stories, all from their dining table. Join us on this flavorful adventure.”


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