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DLF CyberHub Celebrates the Art of Spoken Words with “Jashn-e-Sukhan”

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DLF CyberHub Celebrates the Art of Spoken Words with “Jashn-e-Sukhan”


Gurugram has emerged as a new hub for hangouts due to its numerous attractions. With a variety of shopping, dining, and relaxation options, Cyber Hub stands out as a prime destination offering food, music, and more.

To maintain the reputation and legacy of the place and to further solidified it, the inaugural edition of “Jashn-e-Sukhan,” a captivating poetry event held at Gurgaon’s iconic destination, DLF CyberHub, on Saturday, March 16, 2024. Enthusiastic poetry lovers gathered to witness this celebration of spoken words, which served as a poignant tribute to the upcoming World Poetry Day, showcasing the abundant poetic talent in Delhi NCR.

Translating to the “celebration of spoken words,” “Jashn-e-Sukhan” mesmerized attendees with its captivating performances, highlighting the profound impact of poetry on our lives and communities. Curated to reflect the diverse poetic landscape of the region, “Jashn-e-Sukhan” featured a collective of nine renowned and budding poets, each bringing their unique style and perspective to the stage. From soul-stirring verses to poignant narratives, the event provided an immersive experience for poetry enthusiasts of all ages.

The Nav Ratna at DLF CyberHub Durbar included:

1. Neha Roda – [Instagram Profile Link](https://www.instagram.com/neharoda/)
2. Shariqa Malik – [Instagram Profile Link](https://www.instagram.com/shariqa.malik/)
3. Kirti – [Instagram Profile Link](https://www.instagram.com/khamosh_ahsas/)
4. Indra Das Narayan – [Instagram Profile Link](https://www.instagram.com/indra.n.das/)
5. Prabhnoor – [Instagram Profile Link](https://www.instagram.com/mera.naam.noor.hai/)
6. Prachi – [Instagram Profile Link](https://www.instagram.com/prachiiid/)
7. Anjali Siroha – [Instagram Profile Link](https://www.instagram.com/anjalisarohaa)
8. Sunita Singh – [Instagram Profile Link](https://www.instagram.com/kavita_sagar_bysunitasingh)
9. Anurag Patel – [Instagram Profile

“We are thrilled to introduce ‘Jashn-e-Sukhan’ as a platform to celebrate the rich tradition of poetry and spoken word artistry in Delhi NCR,” said Siddhartha Natu, Vice President & Cluster Head DLF Malls – Haryana & Res of India office amenities. “With World Poetry Day just around the corner, this event serves as a tribute to the profound impact of poetry on our lives and communities.

Organised by PR WorkX at DLF CyberHub, “Jashn-e-Sukhan” witnessed a captivating blend of spoken wor performances, recitations, and interactive sessions, leaving attendees inspired and moved The event took place at the DLF CyberHub Amphitheatre, starting at 6:30 p.m., providing attendees with th opportunity to engage with the poets and immerse themselves in the magic of poetry


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