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Tea Culture of the World’s Launched New Collection with A Journey of Tea Excellence for Consumers


Tea Culture of the World’s Launched New Collection with A Journey of Tea Excellence for Consumers


Tea Culture of The World [Society Tea (Amar Tea Private Limited)] as a beacon of premium tea excellence, offering a journey from medicine to mastery in the art of tea. With a rich tapestry of 120 exquisite flavours sourced from Japan, China, Vietnam, South Africa, and India promises an unparalleled tea experience.

Committed to fairness and quality, Tea Culture of The World sources its teas from Fairtrade-certified producers, ensuring ethical practices and superior taste. Whether savoured in the comfort of home, the sophistication of top hotels, or the ambience of chic cafes, each cup elevates the moment.

TCW offers a diverse array of meticulously curated teas, from Flowery Bouquet’s floral notes to the comforting embrace of Soothing Chamomile. Whether it’s the refreshing zest of Moroccan Mint or the rich spices of Classic Masala Chai, there’s a flavour for every mood.

Catering to the refined tastes of health-conscious individuals, luxury gift seekers, and passionate tea connoisseurs, Tea Culture of The World brings the world’s finest teas to doorsteps. From a vast selection of premium teas to elegant gift and hamper options, every sip embodies an indulgent journey.

Tea Culture of The World proudly claims 34 stores across India, including locations in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad, that bring the artistry of global tea culture to enthusiasts nationwide. These stores serve as havens for tea connoisseurs, offering a diverse range of premium blends to suit every palate and occasion. As a subsidiary of Society Tea (Amar Tea Private Limited), the brand aims to become the world’s foremost premium tea destination, inviting all to savour sophistication, one cup at a time.

“At Tea Culture of The World, we’re passionate about bringing the best teas from all over the world to our customers. With 34 stores across India, we aim to create spaces where everyone can explore and enjoy the rich diversity of tea. We’re dedicated to providing not just teas, but unforgettable experiences that celebrate quality and tradition.” – Dr. Rupali Ambegaonkar, Business Head, Tea Culture of the World [Society Tea (Amar Tea Private Limited {ATPL}].



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