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Vintage Yet Modern Timeless Art Deco Experience at Jubilee Cafe


Vintage Yet Modern Timeless Art Deco Experience at Jubilee Cafe


Hey coffee and dessert lovers, brace yourselves for a nostalgic journey into a sweet wonderland at Jubilee, a newly launched café in Koregaon Park, Pune that transcends time and taste! Imagine a place where every bite feels deliciously good and every sip is a refreshing memory. Jubilee is not just a café, but a place that hits the nostalgic sweet spots just right, where old school treats get a cool makeover in a totally rad, art-deco inspired spot.The visionary creators behind the Sante Spa Cuisine are also the founders of Jubilee, getting on board their culinary mastery and a dedication to please your palate.

Jubilee is definitely your next go-to spot for all things delightful and delicious. It is the perfect place to make memories and have a happy high with your gang! Located within a 1970s structure, its timeless décor draws inspiration from the creativity of Willy Wonka, the mesmerising charm of Wonderland where Alice got lost, and the vibrancy of Austin Powers. It is all about mixing vintage vibes with modern flair to create a vibe that makes you scream, “Ossum!”. The funky vibe in the ambience with pops of glossy colours is like stepping into a time machine and entering Vegas, Circa 1970.

The menu combines sweet, savoury, creamy, boozy and oh so refreshing cocktails! Freshly baked Sourdough, Asian-inspired pinwheels, European-style open sandwiches, Shroomburg Sliders, Roasted Garlic Butter Taters, are soul satisfying with every bite. For that extra kick to your treats, the Coffee Blends are enhanced with premium spirits like Irish whiskey, Tequila and Cognac that will make you feel like the Duchess (or Duke) enjoying a siesta.

There is a series of Classics Gone Savage such as the Cherry Jubilee, Peach Cobbler and Banana Split that are definitely worth giving a try! Also, you can’t miss their Bubble Teas, which come in colourful Peach, Melon, Green Apple and Blueberry flavours. Their delicious tropical cocktails would make you dance with the sun or sing in the rain. Classic Viennoiserie, overloaded gigantic cookies, and Gourmet Gelatos like Mangifera, Triple Toasted Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon Pie, Cream Cheese N Tomato, Mulberry Froyo and Burnt Butter, among many other unique desserts are sure to make you come back for more!

From artisanal breads, unique coffee blends, delicious desserts and boozy beverages, Jubilee has it all that redefines indulgence and satiates the soul!. Regarding the unique concept of bringing fantasy elements to the table, Ms Sonal Barmecha, Chef Shailendra Kekade, Ms Anushruti Kishore, says, “We’re not just a Gelateria, cafe, or a mere bakehouse. We’re all about helping you make memories and good times with our revamped scoops and mind-blowing baked goodies. So whether you’re in the mood for a scoop, cosy cup of joe, or a mouth-watering treat that’ll blow your mind, Jubilee is your spot for sweet vibes and good times.” Agnelorajesh Athaide, our partner seems to be so in love with the space and has a vision of expanding Jubilee to all the metro cities very soon.

A visit to Jubilee is bound to be extraordinary, sprinkled with a cool dash of freshness and creativity that can be experienced from its seating to décor to food offerings. If you’re into retro classics, everything about this place is worth capturing. Step into this happy wonderland to make memories with delicious treats with modern twists. Here, there’s no place for guilt, only sweet indulgences packed with authentic flavors.

Address: Plot.19, Lane No. 1, Near Osho International, Sunderban Resort & Spa, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001.




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