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BIBA Launches Mother’s Day Campaign: ‘Kuch Nahi’ Collection Honors Mothers Who Ask for Nothing But Deserve Everything

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BIBA Launches Mother’s Day Campaign: ‘Kuch Nahi’ Collection Honors Mothers Who Ask for Nothing But Deserve Everything


As Mother’s Day approaches, BIBA, India’s leading and homegrown fashion brand, today unveiled its digital campaign, titled “Kuch Nahi,” this campaign pays homage to the endless support and boundless affection of mothers, who often ask for nothing in return for their sacrifices. The campaign features renowned Indian TV actress, Shilpa Saklani.

Reflecting on the cherished memories of our mothers, the campaign reminds us of the countless times mothers intuitively knew what we needed, even before we asked for it. Whether it was a comforting hug, a listening ear, or a small gesture of kindness, mothers have always been there, selflessly giving without expecting anything in return.

To honour and  celebrate mothers, BIBA’s “Kuch Nahi” collection, curated especially for mother’s day, is a testament to the simplicity and humility of maternal love. This collection embodies the essence of the phrase “kuch nahi” (nothing), encapsulating the essence of maternal affection and understanding. Time and again, when asked what they desire, mother’s humbly respond with this phrase, underscoring their unwavering commitment to their families’ well-being above their own wants. BIBA has taken inspiration from this selfless sentiment, crafting a campaign that aims to deliver precisely what mothers express they need- “Kuch Nahi.”

The campaign’s highlight is a heartwarming short film that captures the everyday moments of a mother’s love and sacrifice. Set in a humble household, the film follows the story of a mother who effortlessly fulfils the needs of her family, always knowing exactly what they need, even without them having to share. The film beautifully then moves ahead also to depict the daughter bringing her mother a BIBA outfit for a family function she must attend to- honouring the mother with a selfless act illustrates the depth of a mother’s understanding and compassion, leaving viewers with a heartfelt reminder to appreciate and cherish mothers in their lives.

Mr. Siddharath Bindra, Managing Director of BIBA Fashion, shares his thoughts on the campaign, stating, “My mother has been my biggest inspiration over the years. She started her own business with no training at the age of 40. This Mothers Day we have a special film that is dedicated to all the Mothers for their unconditional love and a special Collection to offer which is a great gift for the Kuch nahi that they ask the children for. We are sure this will resonate with our audiences and look forward to a wonderful response.”

The “Kuch Nahi” collection will be available for purchase on BIBA’s official website and across select retail stores nationwide. Join BIBA in honouring mothers this Mother’s Day by embracing the spirit of “kuch nahi” and giving them the love and appreciation they truly deserve.

The film featuring Shilpa Saklani can be viewed on BIBA’s official website and social media platforms including YoutubeFacebook & Instagram. The ad film has been shot and created in partnership with leading creative agency Famous Innovations, bringing to life the sentiment of maternal selflessness.


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