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46% of Single Mothers Prefer Dating Apps for Non-Judgmental Companionship: Survey

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46% of Single Mothers Prefer Dating Apps for Non-Judgmental Companionship: Survey


In this fast-moving world, more often than not, dating takes a backseat for many individuals. To top it, when it’s a single mother juggling a multitude of responsibilities along with raising a kid, dating is the last thing on their list of priorities. Midst the whirlwind of duties and commitments, finding a partner can feel like a distant dream, said 23% of single mothers.

That’s where dating apps come in. The rise of online dating has finally offered a much-needed sanctuary for single moms to explore romantic connections conveniently and without the fear of judgment and prejudice, disclosed 46% of single mothers in a study conducted by India’s No.1 dating and matchmaking app, QuackQuack.

The app’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “We are seeing an increase in the number of single parents on our app, and that is a direct reflection of the success of dating apps in being a non-judgmental platform and facilitating genuine connections. We understand how difficult it can be for single mothers to date with parenting duties, career demands, societal pressure, and more. Our goal is to offer everyone an equal opportunity to find love and companionship with maximum safety and privacy.”

The Mother’s Day special online study focused on the distinct appeal of dating apps to single mothers of India ran for a week. 4,000 single moms ranging between 28 to 45 participated and shared their views. Participants came from varied walks of life- from homemakers to teachers, professors, government officials, content creators, women working in the beauty and fashion industry, IT, healthcare, financial services, and more. 

Non-judgmental environment

When asked why single mothers prefer online dating over dating IRL, 32% of the respondents from Tier 1 Indian cities cited that dating apps provide a non-judgmental environment where it is easier to be authentic. Pragya from Delhi said, “Finding the right match is much easier on dating apps. First of all, you can disclose that you are a parent even before you interact with a person, leaving no room for miscommunication. Secondly, anyone interested in matching still is either in a similar situation or is ready to look past that.” 43-year-old Naina thinks, “In my opinion, the best part of dating apps is the discreteness. No nosey neighbor asking you about the man who dropped you home yesterday, no relatives sharing unsolicited advice; the absence of prejudice makes it a unique experience for single mothers like me.

Flexibility and Convenience

21% of single moms between 30 and 40 favor dating apps for their flexibility and convenience. Balancing parenthood with a demanding schedule leaves little space to pursue a romantic relationship. However, these moms are consciously putting in the work, and that’s where online dating’s flexibility comes into play; it allows them to seek and connect with potential partners even on the go. 3 out of 5 of them said that dating apps fit right into the unpredictable life of a single parent. Whether it’s during a moment of respite in a hectic day or during their evening cup of tea, they can log in anytime and anywhere and date at their pace and convenience.

Better Matches

17% of single mothers who are divorced or separated say dating apps offer the most compatible matches. The option to filter out the one who ticks almost all the boxes makes it easier for these women to look for the perfect matches tailored to their preferences and lifestyles. Most of these women revealed directly specifying the relationship dynamics they prefer from a potential partner to attract the right people. 

Safety And Privacy

Safety is one of the primary concerns of all women regardless of the mode of dating. With kids come more responsibilities; letting anyone into their lives without proper verification isn’t an option for single mothers. It is one of the many reasons why most single moms opt for dating apps over traditional dating, said 27% of the respondents from Tier 1 and 2 cities. It is common knowledge that most dating apps have several security checks in place. Moreover, the idea of unmatching if things don’t go as planned or the option to report suspicious activities makes most of these women feel more in control and secure.


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