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World  No Tobacco Day 2024: Date, Theme & Other Facts

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World  No Tobacco Day 2024: Date, Theme & Other Facts


World No Tobacco Day comes once a year to mark motivation to quit smoking for health and emotional well-being. 


World No Tobacco Day is marked on 31st May by the World Health Organisation (WHO) every year to motivate people to quit smoking. The aim of this day is to spread awareness among individuals to quit and reduce the use of tobacco. 


The World No Tobacco Day came into being from 1987 with WHO. This day marks not only awareness for individuals but also is an example to keep fighting for the cause. 


This World No Tobacco Day, WHO has made a theme of “Protecting children from tobacco industry interference”. 


Youth step in and speak out #TobaccoExposed, is being highlighted in the main campaign for World No Tobacco Day 2024. According to WHO, “World No Tobacco Day 2024 will give a platform to young people across the world, who are urging governments to shield them from predatory tobacco marketing tactics. The industry targets youth for a lifetime of profits, creating a new wave of addiction. Children are using e-cigarettes at rates higher than adults in all regions and globally an estimated 37 million youth aged 13–15 years use tobacco.”

This World No Tobacco Day is another opportunity to motivate good habits and well-being of individuals which in turn affect their families, friends and lives. 


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