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Savour the Season: GiGi’s Summer Specials by Chef Beena Noronha

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Savour the Season: GiGi’s Summer Specials by Chef Beena Noronha


In the month of April and May, the bazaars of Mumbai turn bright and beautiful with a variety of summer special fruits and vegetables. The succulent fruit mango, makes its way into the city’s restaurants to elevate tapas, mains and desserts. Alongside from this summer favourite, avocados, melons and berries become wondrous ingredients in the hands of expert chefs. GiGi presents a Summer special menu curated by chef Beena Noronha.

Combining European and Japanese cuisine, Chef Beena at GiGi has selected the best summer dishes to complement seasonal ingredients, offering the patrons a complete dining experience. The menu includes salads, small bites, refreshing drinks and sorbets to beat the summer heat featuring dishes like Tropical Ceviche,Summer Berry Salad, Avocado Sushi, Avocado Swirl Salad, Burrata ala . Quench your thirst with refreshing summer ingredients drinks like Elderflower Ale & Osaka Mule and, cool off with tantalising sorbets like Mixed Berry and mango sorbet.

Don’t miss visiting Gigi this summer for a hearty meal with all the summer freshness on the menu.


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