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Airbnb Reveals Summer 2024 Travel Trends for Indian Travelers


Airbnb Reveals Summer 2024 Travel Trends for Indian Travelers


As summer kicks in and school vacations begin, Indian travelers are seeking unique experiences and adventures across domestic and international destinations. Today, Airbnb unveiled the latest trends shaping summer travel preferences amongst Indian travelers, highlighting a growing desire for immersive experiences beyond traditional stays.

Within India, trending summer destinations include beach havens like Goa and Varkala), as well as cultural hubs like Varanasi and Delhi, and scenic cities like Kochi. Internationally, Milan, Amalfi, Tokyo, Rome, and Frankfurt have emerged as the preferred destinations, driven by Bollywood films and social media influencers[1].

Amanpreet Singh Bajaj, Airbnb’s General Manager, India, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan said, “This summer, Indian travelers are embracing the spirit of exploration and discovery like never before. Domestically, they are opting for beach destinations and cultural hubs like Goa and Varanasi, offering immersive and vibrant experiences. Internationally, European countries such as Milan, Amalfi, Rome and Frankfurt along with Tokyo are gaining immense popularity and emerging as another trending international destination for Indians. At Airbnb, we are thrilled to curate unique and authentic stays  that cater to these evolving preferences, enabling Indian travelers to explore destinations, both within the country and abroad, during this season.”

Summer vacations have led to a surge in family, and group travel on Airbnb. To enhance the group travel experience, Airbnb recently introduced new features. Shared wishlists, a redesigned Messages tab, and trip invitations streamline collaborative planning, allowing families and groups to curate their itineraries collectively, communicate seamlessly, and ensure an enjoyable summer vacation.


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