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5 Benefits Of Inculcating Reading Habits At An Early Age

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5 Benefits Of Inculcating Reading Habits At An Early Age


Reading good literature has proven benefits, and inculcating good habits around reading at an early age adds to the benefits.

Reading is a habit which can not have any drawbacks, it not only shields us from an addiction to screens but also makes us intellectual, knowledgeable and healthier people. We can start reading at any age, it is a habit which knows no age bounds but imagine how helpful it could be if kids were introduced to the world of good literature at an early age.

Today the kids are handed over screens way too early which has many drawbacks. But if the kids are encouraged to read books instead of relying on screens they can be saved from a life of headaches, poor eyesights and more. Instead they could learn to enter the world of imagination, learn the use of language and be introduced to a world of better knowledge. Here are the top five benefits of inculcating reading habits at an early age-

1. Better Cognitive Development

Reading books can be seen as exercise for kids’ minds which can jostle various cognitive functions in them. They can be better problem-solvers with improved critical thinking. This will help them function as better adults, guess we can say reading prepares us for this rollercoaster ride we call adulthood.

2. Expanded Use of Vocabulary

Reading well formed sentences will introduce the readers to new vocabulary and right use of grammar. It is obvious, this helps them with academic work as well and make them better learners who can ask questions when necessary.

3. Space for Knowledge & Creativity

Coming in contact with literature not only expands the knowledge of children but also opens them up to creativity. If you think creativity is only necessary in creative fields, think again, problem-solving is a creative field as well. Developers typing codes need creativity, world leaders negotiating peace treaties need it and security forces keeping us safe need it.

4. Awareness of Social & Other Issues

While some can argue that social issues should not concern young minds. We need to understand that social issues can be as simple as moral lessons which can help them become a better person.

5. Keeping Alive the Lamp of Good Literature

With every kid yearning to watch just one more video on phones, we need to keep on the flame of love for literature well-lit. Today people do not even need to buy physical copies, we just have to keep passing on good books to every generation. Even today books written in the late 1800s have appropriate meanings.

To achieve these benefits the children can not be held responsible, instead it should be the responsibility of parents and schools to teach the young kids the importance of books. In a conversation about the same, a parent from Noida, Uttar Pradesh said, “my daughter is twelve years old now, I introduced her to books early on and today she has read more books than her age. It is not just a good habit which keeps her away from the phone but also a method I found helpful in her academic performance.”

Schools also take measures to teach students the importance of reading in their own jurisdiction. They have introduced library periods, debate groups and more to encourage students.

In a conversation with a student of Mass Communications when asked about when she started reading books she said, “Since third standard, starting off with comics as a kid,” further she added about how reading for an early age helped her she said, “It did indeed help a lot, not just with vocabulary, but with sentence crafting too”.

It is a proven method to help kids grow emotionally and mentally, not only reading but reading good literature. Classic Indian authors to timeless classics of the world, fiction from creative minds, social stories, non fiction realities and different language books; these are all excellent genres to dabble in for kids. Some may enjoy Harry Potter and some may want more Geographical Facts’ books, all are good as long as they benefit the children.


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