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Sanjay Dutt’s Glenwalk Scotch Whisky Captures Market & Aims to Sell 28 Lac Bottles by Next Financial Year


Sanjay Dutt’s Glenwalk Scotch Whisky Captures Market & Aims to Sell 28 Lac Bottles by Next Financial Year


The Glenwalk Scotch Whisky is rewriting the rules of the Indian whisky market with its meteoric rise in demand and strategic pricing. Launched in June 2023 with brand partner Sanjay Dutt at the helm, The Glenwalk has leveraged the expertise of Cartel Bros’ spearheaded by co-founders Mokksh Sani, Jitin Merani, Rohan Nihalani, Manish Sani and their Chief Business Officer Neeraj Singh to achieve this phenomenal success. Produced by one of the world’s leading Scotch whisky manufacturers from Scotland.

The Glenwalk sold out its initial inventory of 1,20,000 bottles in a record-breaking four months – exceeding projections by a staggering 4X. This remarkable feat, achieved across Mumbai, Thane, and Pune only, translates to an 18% market share capture in its category within just the first three months in Maharashtra, solidifying The Glenwalk as one of India’s fastest-growing whisky brands in the country. The brand has set an ambitious target of selling 28 lakh bottles in the next financial year, reflecting its confident expansion plans.

Identifying a void in the market for affordable yet premium Scotch whisky, the Cartel Bros team took a bold step. They introduced a unique blend of the finest Scotch malts and grains, aged for three years, strategically priced to compete with premium Indian whiskeys. This value proposition has resonated strongly with consumers, driving impressive sales figures and brand loyalty.

“The Glenwalk’s rapid growth underscores the immense potential for premium yet affordable Scotch whisky in the Indian market. We’re confident that our strategic expansion plans will solidify The Glenwalk’s position as a major player in the industry,” states Mokksh Sani, Founder of Living Liquidz, Mansionz and co-founder of The Glenwalk.

With a well-defined national expansion strategy, The Glenwalk is poised for ubiquity across India. The brand is rapidly expanding its footprint, moving beyond its initial launch cities of Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi to encompass all major cities in Maharashtra by the end of March 2024. Expansion plans include Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana in the coming months. The brand has also introduced festive edition packs and expanded its product line with 350-ml and 1-litre bottle sizes to cater to different consumer preferences.

“We’re thrilled with the overwhelming response to The Glenwalk. Consumers appreciate our focus on quality and affordability. We’re committed to building a strong brand that connects with whisky lovers across India.” Jitin Merani, Founder of Drinq Bar Academy and co-founder of The Glenwalk.

The Glenwalk’s exceptional product quality is also recognised by its Gold Medal win at the prestigious Prowine 2023 in the Spirits Competition (blind tasting format). Its rich, dark colour and enticing aroma of treacle, flapjack, and sweet caramel entice the senses, while the luxurious mouthfeel and lingering hints of fruit and spice leave a lasting impression. Notably, The Glenwalk stands out as the only affordable Scotch whisky option in the Indian market, offering a truly unique and valuable proposition for consumers.

The Glenwalk Scotch Whisky is more than just a beverage; it’s a game-changer in the Indian whisky market. By offering premium quality at an accessible price, The Glenwalk is offering aspiration to the new generation of whisky drinkers and is well-positioned for continued national expansion.


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