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Godrej Interio ‘HomeScapes’ Report: GenX’s Has High Dedication & Work Ethic Despite Long Work Hours


Godrej Interio ‘HomeScapes’ Report: GenX’s Has High Dedication & Work Ethic Despite Long Work Hours


In today’s rapidly changing landscape of India, a significant shift is observed in how people interact with their homes, as revealed by the ‘HomeScapes’ study conducted by Godrej Interio. This research sheds light on how individuals express their personalities and values through home decor choices, emphasizing the deep connection between homes and personal growth. 46% of the respondents visualize their home to be a social space to engage with colleagues, family and friends (Boomers – 41%, Gen Z – 42%, millennials – 43%).

Gen X, influenced by rapid technological changes and economic shifts, is known for their dedication to professional success, often working long hours. The ‘HomeScapes’ study reveals that more than two in every three Gen X respondents (69%) take pride in discussing their career achievements when entertaining guests, emphasizing the significance of professional accomplishments in their self-image and social interactions. Additionally, Gen X is more inclined than other generations to engage with colleagues in their homes.

Commenting on the trend Swapneel Nagarkar, Senior Vice President & Business Head, Godrej Interio, said “The ‘Homescapes’ research highlights the profound emotional bond individuals share with their families and homes. Our study delves into generational perspectives on a crucial aspect of life—the home as a mirror of identity. The survey data underscores that the Gen X work ethic, typified by a 70-hour work week, and as pioneers of this rigorous work culture, they exemplify the resilience and dedication necessary to thrive amidst intense competition and rapid change. At Godrej Interio, we take pride in crafting furniture that transcends aesthetics, offering features tailored to enhance the modern lifestyle across generations. Our furniture seamlessly integrates into contemporary homes, blending style with functionality.”

Moreover, the research indicates that respondents perceive their study area as more than merely functional. For instance, 62% of Gen X individuals express a deep emotional connection with their study table and chair (compared to only 53% of Gen Z). This emotional bond implies a commitment to and investment in the activities carried out in that space, often associated with work and productivity. Furthermore, more than half of this cohort (56%) believe their growth, aspirations, and productivity are all associated with their study space, study room, study table or chair. This connection signifies that they perceive their work environment as a crucial factor in their professional development and overall success.

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