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Intel Unveils Thunderbolt Share: A Game Changer for PC-to-PC Interactions


Intel Unveils Thunderbolt Share: A Game Changer for PC-to-PC Interactions


Intel has introduced Thunderbolt™ Share, the latest software solution poised to transform the way users engage with multiple PCs. This innovative technology, integrated into select PCs and accessories featuring Thunderbolt 4 or Thunderbolt 5 ports, promises to revolutionize productivity and workflow efficiency through responsive screen-sharing and rapid PC-to-PC file transfers.
Jason Ziller, Vice President and General Manager of the Client Connectivity Division at Intel said, “We are excited to continue to lead the industry in connectivity solutions with Thunderbolt technology. Thunderbolt Share delivers on our aspiration to bring innovative solutions to the market and deliver new experiences for users to get the most out of their PCs. Now users can seamlessly access one PC from another at Thunderbolt technology speeds. It truly changes how users can be more productive and efficient.”
Key Features:
1. Smooth uncompressed screen-sharing with ultra-responsive mouse and keyboard control between PCs – powering a seamless visual experience.
2. Fast file transfers between two PCs with simple drag and drop, folder synchronization, and easy file migration from an old PC to a new PC.
3. Easy collaboration between users sharing large files.
4. Support via a direct connection between PCs or through a Thunderbolt accessory with multiple ports such as a Thunderbolt dock or monitor.
5. Private and secure connection that doesn’t affect Wi-Fi, Ethernet or cloud network performance.

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