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PM Modi Marks 3rd Anniversary of NEP, Emphasizes Focus on Emerging Tech

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PM Modi Marks 3rd Anniversary of NEP, Emphasizes Focus on Emerging Tech

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On the third anniversary of the National Education Policy (NEP), Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to Twitter to highlight the policy’s vision for making India a global hub for emerging technologies. Union Minister for Education, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, also echoed the sentiment, underscoring the policy’s potential to revolutionize the Indian education landscape.

As education stakeholders reflect on NEP 2020’s journey, prominent leaders in the sector have shared their perspectives on the policy’s implementation and its potential to reshape the education system.

Sumeet Mehta, the Co-founder & CEO of LEAD, emphasized the transformative nature of NEP 2020, calling it a far-reaching document that can revolutionize Indian education. However, Mehta highlighted the importance of effective execution, stating that a policy is only as good as its implementation. To foster genuine progress, he stressed the need to grant schools more autonomy in choosing pedagogy and resources, advocating against the mandatory use of state-board books. Mehta also emphasized the significance of shifting from book-based exams to competence and concept-based assessments, which promote real learning over rote learning.

Aditi Avasthi, Founder & CEO of EMBIBE, India’s leading AI-led edtech platform, expressed enthusiasm for NEP 2020’s vision. Avasthi lauded the policy’s objectives, which include empowering teachers with pedagogical support, interactive lesson plans, and real-time dashboards, as well as providing students with personalized learning and assessments. She also highlighted EMBIBE’s commitment to addressing accessibility challenges by creating vernacular content and developing solutions that work effectively in low or no internet connectivity areas. Avasthi proudly acknowledged EMBIBE’s collaborations with various state governments, playing a transformative role in bringing cutting-edge digital learning to grassroots education. Their recent partnerships have the potential to impact over 2 lakh schools across 20+ states, benefiting more than 10 lakh teachers and 4 crore students, a significant milestone in line with the NEP’s vision.

As the education community celebrates the third anniversary of NEP 2020, it remains dedicated to fostering positive change and creating an equitable educational ecosystem that will benefit generations to come. With the visionary approach of NEP 2020 and the concerted efforts of education leaders like LEAD and EMBIBE, India’s education sector is poised for a bright and promising future, empowering the youth with knowledge and skills that will lead the nation towards a technology-driven era of growth and development.


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