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Zoho Schools’ Marupadi programme successfully completes a year of restarting careers of women in tech


Zoho Schools’ Marupadi programme successfully completes a year of restarting careers of women in tech


Chennai—March 8, 2023—Zoho Corp., a global technology company headquartered in Chennai,
announced that its Marupadi programme, launched on the occasion of International Women’s
Day in 2022, has successfully completed one year. The Marupadi programme aims to help
women in technology who want to resume their careers after a break. As of today, 26
women—from two batches—have undergone training, of which 23 have been successfully
placed in different roles across various departments in Zoho Corp., while three are interviewing.
The third batch is currently undergoing training.
“Marupadi was launched to help women in tech jumpstart their careers after a break. The
tremendous response we have had over this past year speaks volumes about the amount of
talent that is being passed over for want of an opportunity. We are glad that Marupadi is already
proving to be an agent of change for these women who have now embraced it as a turning point
in their lives,” said Rajendran Dandapani, President, Zoho Schools of Learning.
Marupadi—meaning “again” in Tamil—is a three-month bootcamp in software development,
software testing and technical writing. The women selected for the programme can choose
their stream based on their interest and aptitude. They learn mobile-specific testing, UI & UX
testing, API testing, in-depth training on backend technologies, SEO, API documentation,
fundamentals of marketing, and more with hands-on projects in real-world situations. Special
focus is given to communication, problem-solving skills, team collaboration, and emotional
intelligence. They also have access to counseling sessions that help build back their confidence
after a long break. On successful completion of their training, the candidates sit for job
interviews at Zoho Corp.
The only criterion spelled out for joining the programme is that the women should have been
employed in the tech sector for a minimum of two years before taking a break. “I was quite
surprised to know that neither my age nor the number of years I was on a break worked against
me, since that had been the case everywhere else I tried,” said Benazir Fathima, an M.Tech
graduate who took an eight-year break to take care of her children. “The three months in the
Marupadi programme has been a life-changing journey for me. It has given me the confidence to
restart my career. Something that at one point seemed impossible.” Today, Benazir Fathima is a
technical writer for Zoho Desk.
K Brinda, who now works with the Zoho Labs team, came back after a break of nearly five years.

“I come from Tiruppur from a family of farmers. Thanks to my family’s support, I was able to
complete my MCA degree and work at an IT company. After getting married, due to personal
reasons, I had to take a break and pause my dream of working in tech. Last year, I heard about
the Marupadi programme and applied for a seat. I am happy I am here today, able to continue
my dream. The three months proved to be a great learning experience and I have found new
friends and mentors who have become a support system for me. I sincerely hope more women
make use of this opportunity and continue to pursue their dreams,” she said.
The Marupadi programme is run by Zoho Schools of Learning (ZSL), which started in 2005 as a
meaningful alternative to conventional college education. As of today, more than 1,400 students
have completed the course through ZSL, comprising over 10% of Zoho Corp’s total workforce.
Students have also been placed in other companies. The two-year programme has three
streams, Technology, Design, and Business, as well as an Advanced Study course for those who
want to take more than one stream


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