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3 Ways Smart Video Technology Is Being Used to Create Smarter Education Institutions


3 Ways Smart Video Technology Is Being Used to Create Smarter Education Institutions


Around the world, education institutions are rolling out education video solutions to improve learning outcomes, boost campus security, and drive operating efficiency. Discover the top benefits of smart solutions for education, and how your institution can achieve them with Hikvision.

Education institutions are constantly striving to deliver excellent learning outcomes for students, but achieving these goals requires innovation across all functional areas, from teaching and learning models to the delivery of digital services.

Within the scope of digital transformation, one of the most interesting areas of innovation is smart education solutions which can deliver unique and compelling benefits for educational institutions. It combines high-resolution video imaging and management platforms with AI and Machine Learning to deliver highly immersive presentation and remote learning models which help to deliver higher student achievement levels.

What’s more, smart education solutions can be used to increase security for staff and students on campus, and to protect their wellbeing throughout the day. Smart solutions such as these can also help institutions to significantly reduce their administrative workloads and costs by providing real-time visibility across entire campuses. With alerts for incidents, accidents, and even IT failures, academic and administrative staff can act quickly and decisively, and free up time for value-added and student-facing work.

There are three main areas where smart applications and scenarios are delivering clear benefits for education institutions.

Education solutions can increase student safety and wellbeing

When it comes to ensuring student safety and wellbeing, schools and colleges need to prevent bullying and ensure that students are not running in the corridors or engaging in other dangerous behavior. Other incidents, such as large groups of students crowding into classrooms, can also cause safety risks, requiring immediate action to be taken. Another major requirement for some educational institutions is to ensure that unauthorized visitors cannot access the campus – either by breaching the site perimeter, or by walking in the main entrance. With smart education solutions, alerts can be generated automatically if students are at risk. Authorized visitors can also be recognized and admitted instantly, while strangers are stopped in their tracks, ensuring that students are protected at all times.

Education solutions can help students achieve their learning potential

Today, digital technologies provide major opportunities for immersive and remote learning experiences, helping to make education more accessible to children and adults from all walks of life. When it comes to helping students learn faster and achieve more – both on campus and remotely – smart education solutions have a key role to play. Technologies such as smart cameras, digital touchscreen displays, student tablets, digital platforms for content sharing, and APIs for seamless integration with the leading video conferencing platforms ensure that students can maximize their learning potential, whether they are sitting in the classroom, or joining in remotely from home or from another location.

Education solutions can improve operational efficiency

To maximize time spent on teaching and student welfare, educational institutions need to streamline and automate time-consuming, manual administration tasks. Smart education systems can help by integrating operational, security, and IT performance insights, and making them available to academic staff and administrators in real time. Based on these insights, academic and administrative staff can quickly identify issues and security risks, and act fast to mitigate them.


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