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IIM Raipur, Tata Steel Foundation co-create Management for Social Impact course

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IIM Raipur, Tata Steel Foundation co-create Management for Social Impact course


Indian Institute of Management Raipur (IIMR) and Tata Steel Foundation (TSF) co-created the course “Management for Social Impact (MSI).” The course aim was to engage participants in projects that aim to have a social impact within the context of long-term development.

This course was an integration of theoretical and practical knowledge of the social dimensions of sustainable development, and inclusive of field trips and real-world projects to encourage experiential learning. This was an elective course for 28 PGP-2 students of IIM Raipur conducted by faculties from IIM Raipur and resource persons from TSF and Tata Group.

The course objective was to:

  • understand the social dimensions of sustainable development and the role of the business sector in creating social impact;
  • analyze how socially responsible businesses can create value of social impact;
  • understand aspects of social projects including lifecycle, risks, and the impact metrics
  • experience social projects and be able to recognize opportunities and challenges in creating social impact

MSI was initiated on 16th January, 2023 and was delivered through 10 sessions across 3 phases and found a great acceptance amongst students and faculty at the institute. Phase I included classroom session , Phase II comprised of  UNURUM immersion between students and Samvaad fellows, and Phase III was reflections from immersion, guest lecture by eminent business leaders from Tata Group  (balancing the real conflicts, complementarities and conversations around value creation and social responsibility and on space for marginalized communities in the evolving public policy and regulatory landscape for businesses) and presentation on future road map for vulnerable communities.

“We feel privileged to share that IIM Raipur and Tata Steel Foundation co-created the ‘Management for Social Impact’ course based on the contemporary needs of the global society. We thank Tata Steel Foundation for trusting us at IIM Raipur.” said Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani (Director, IIM Raipur).

“The course on Management for Social Impact jointly offered by IIM Raipur and Tata Steel Foundation does not only expose IIM Raipur students to various vulnerable communities in a spirit of mutual learning, but also provides a fundamental understanding about what a responsible business stands for.” said Prof. Santanu Bhadra (Assistant Professor, IIM Raipur).


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