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We Integrate Technology To Offer Parents Transparency & Peace Of Mind: Raj Singhal

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We Integrate Technology To Offer Parents Transparency & Peace Of Mind: Raj Singhal


In an interview with EduKida, Raj Singhal, Co-founder & CEO of Footprints Childcare, spoke about technology in pre-school, strategies and more

Can you elaborate on how Footprints Childcare integrates technology into its preschool and daycare services?
We integrate technology to offer parents transparency and peace of mind. Through live CCTV streaming, parents can observe their children’s activities, meals, and rest times in real-time, promoting a sense of connection. The Footprints ParentConnect App provides regular updates, including growth milestones and photos, keeping parents engaged in their child’s development. Innovative tools like the “read-o-stick” device transform traditional books into interactive smart books, promoting engagement and learning.

What inspired the founders to establish Footprints Childcare, particularly you, and how has the journey been so far?
The story of Footprints Childcare began with a personal experience. When my co-founders and I were enjoying the essence of parenthood, we were greeted with a startling realisation: the quality of childcare options in India paled compared to what we had witnessed in Western countries.

Daycares and preschools often lacked the structure, curriculum, and focus on early childhood development that we believed were essential. This gap sparked a sense of motivation within us. Having successfully built and exited previous companies, we weren’t afraid of a challenge. We saw this disparity not as a burden but as a powerful opportunity to make a positive impact.

We leveraged our entrepreneurial spirit and our desire to provide our own children, and countless others, with a nurturing and stimulating learning environment. This marked the genesis of Footprints Childcare – a mission-driven venture dedicated to elevating India’s early childhood education landscape.

With the expansion plan aiming to open 200 new centers by 2025, what strategies does Footprints Childcare have in place to ensure consistency and quality across all its centers?
As part of our efforts to maintain consistency and quality across all our centers at Footprints Childcare, we implement several strategies. Firstly, we meticulously select and approve all locations, whether they are franchise, partner, or founder-owned, ensuring they meet our high standards. Secondly, we take charge of the infrastructure, predominantly furnishing it through our approved vendors to maintain consistency in facilities such as flooring, furniture, and toys. Thirdly, we centralize the recruitment of teachers, with Footprints having the final authority in the approval process. Additionally, we standardize fees across centers based on factors like location. We also provide the curriculum, lesson plans, and training for teachers, further ensuring uniformity. To continuously monitor and address any issues, we conduct regular audits, including AI, CCTV, manual, and physical audits, alongside implementing customer feedback mechanisms. These strategies enable us to guarantee consistency and effectively address any lapses as we work towards our expansion plan of opening 200 new centers by 2025.

How does Footprints Childcare differentiate itself from other preschool and daycare chains in India?
Footprints Childcare stands out from other preschool and daycare chains in India through its unwavering commitment to technology, safety, quality, and excellence. All female staff undergo thorough background checks and medical screenings, ensuring the well-being of children. Live CCTV streaming and child-safe infrastructure provide a secure environment for play and learning. Moreover, Footprints employs the research-based HighScope curriculum, emphasizing active learning and personalized attention, setting it apart as a leader in early childhood education.

Could you provide insights into the curriculum and educational philosophy followed by Footprints Childcare?
We follow the HighScope curriculum, a research-based approach that prioritizes active learning and child-led exploration. This philosophy encourages children to discover, experiment, and make their connections, fostering a love of learning from a young age. Combined with a world-class adult-child ratio and personalized support from teachers, Footprints ensures each child receives the necessary guidance and encouragement to thrive academically and socially.

How does the Footprints ParentConnect App enhance the overall experience for parents and facilitate their involvement in their child’s development?
The Footprints ParentConnect App enhances the overall experience for parents by providing real-time updates and insights into their child’s development. Parents can access live CCTV streams, receive photos and growth updates, and manage their child’s care with self-service features through the app. This technology promotes parental involvement and peace of mind, reinforcing the strong partnership between Footprints and parents in nurturing each child’s potential.

What measures does Footprints Childcare take to ensure the safety and well-being of the children enrolled in its centers?
We prioritize the safety and well-being of children through comprehensive measures and protocols. All staff members undergo rigorous background checks and medical screenings, and the centers maintain child-safe infrastructure and secure access controls. Additionally, continuous monitoring via live CCTV streaming ensures real-time oversight, while trained staff members can handle emergencies effectively, providing parents with confidence in their child’s safety.

In what ways does Footprints Childcare support working parents in balancing their professional commitments with the needs of their children?
Footprints Childcare supports working parents in balancing their professional commitments with the needs of their children through flexible services and convenient access to information. The Footprints ParentConnect App lets parents stay connected with their child’s activities and development, even while away. Moreover, the centers offer extended hours and additional services, accommodating varying schedules and ensuring children receive quality care and education tailored to their needs.

With the projected revenue growth and expansion plans, how does Footprints Childcare plan to maintain its commitment to delivering high-quality early education and childcare services?
Despite our projected revenue growth and expansion plans, we remain committed to delivering high-quality early education and childcare services at Footprints Childcare. We achieve this by maintaining stringent standards across all centers, ensuring consistency in infrastructure, teacher quality, curriculum, and fees. We actively monitor and address any deviations through regular audits and customer feedback mechanisms. We prioritize the quality of service, ensuring that expansion does not compromise our commitment to excellence in childcare and education.

Can you share any success stories or notable achievements of Footprints Childcare that highlight its impact on children’s development and parental satisfaction?
While specific post-attendance data isn’t tracked, Footprints Childcare has garnered notable achievements that reflect its impact on children’s development and parental satisfaction. Our consistently high net promoter score, exceeding 65 for over five years, indicates exceptional customer satisfaction comparable to renowned companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Positive reviews across various platforms further attest to Footprints’ success in contributing to children’s growth and parental satisfaction. Although individual success stories may not be tracked, these metrics underscore Footprints’ effectiveness in providing quality childcare services and fostering positive experiences for children and parents


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