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JoinDevOps Launches as Global DevOps Upskilling Startup


JoinDevOps Launches as Global DevOps Upskilling Startup


JoinDevOps, a Bengaluru-based bootstrapped startup specializing in DevOps and Cloud Engineering education, was founded in November 2023. Within just six months of operation, it has impressively generated revenue of $215,000 USD. As the preeminent provider of DevOps and Cloud Engineering education, JoinDevOps is dedicated to upskilling students, offering courses in Telugu to cater to the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana markets, as well as in English for the national market..

Established by seasoned information technology engineer Mr. Siva Kumar Reddy Mettukuru, JoinDevOps endeavors to transform the approach to career advancement in the DevOps sector for individuals aged 21-34 by prioritizing training in local languages. Since its inception in November 2023, JoinDevOps has empowered over 4500 students in DevOps and Cloud Engineering through Telugu language instruction, facilitating the placement of more than 3700 students in renowned companies including Tech Mahindra, DBS, HCL, and LTI Mindtree, among others.

JoinDevOps emerges as more than an educational platform; it’s a conduit for transformation. Addressing the needs of freshers seeking entry into DevOps, professionals eyeing job transitions for better prospects, individuals embarking on career shifts, and those seeking to bridge career gaps, Join DevOps stands as a beacon of opportunity. With a firm dedication to improving skills and offering practical project exposure, Join DevOps ensures that graduates are well-prepared to make an immediate impact in the workforce. In addition to this, JoinDevOps also enables student in Resume Development, preparing and cracking interviews and career mentorship.

“We are a regionally focused upskilling and technical education platform that provides DevOps training and enablement through teaching in local languages. The potential to tap into the regional markets of India is huge. With millions of students requiring technical education and regional support across India, we believe we can successfully penetrate and solve this. With our proven capability of upskilling 4,500 students during the pilot phase, we believe it is the right time to officially launch the brand. We plan to penetrate the market locally and address the skill gap at a hyper-local level. We aim to upskill at least 15,000 students and launch courses in 7 Indian languages and two other foreign languages like Spanish and Filipino in FY 2025,” said Mr. Siva Kumar Reddy Mettukuru, Founder of JoinDevOps

JoinDevOps’ USP lies in its unique localized approach to learning, offering support in English and Telugu languages with plans to expand to other regional and foreign languages. This approach enhances understanding, focus, and comfort for students. JoinDevOps differentiates its pedagogy through immersive, quality, and practical project-based learning in regional languages, preparing students not just for employment but also for leadership roles in the technology sector. Students engage with real-world projects from day one, gaining valuable experience. JoinDevOps’ courses are meticulously designed to make students DevOps job-ready, including resume development, simulated interviews, and vibrant community engagement through platforms like Slack, Discord, and GitHub. Weekly quizzes and discussions on interview questions are integral components of JoinDevOps’ curriculum, ensuring effective application of knowledge.

In line with its commitment to regional language teaching, JoinDevOps will initially cater to Telugu and English speaking students and gradually expand its language offerings to include other regional and foreign languages. The platform’s vision is to provide DevOps and Cloud Engineering education in at least 15 regional languages worldwide, including Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Spanish, German, Filipino, and English, among others.

JoinDevOps will initially focus on the Telugu language to cater to the markets of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Telugu student diaspora residing across India, or even abroad in the USA, UK, and Europe, can avail themselves of this technical education online. The new batch, starting on March 31st, 2024, allows students to attend free demo sessions for the first 7 days.


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