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We Aim To Bridge Communication Gap Between Engineering Students & Jobs: PrepInsta CEO

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We Aim To Bridge Communication Gap Between Engineering Students & Jobs: PrepInsta CEO


Edtech startup PrepInsta has emerged as a one-stop destination for engineering students to skill up for placements. With its 200+ courses offered under one subscription, the starup has acquired 100000+ active subscribers in just 90 days.

According to the company, close to 90% of candidates hired by big giants like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and others where its students are placed. They claims to be bridging the communication gap between engineering students and jobs by providing quality courses, mock tests, and interview preparation materials to its subscribers.

With its innovative and comprehensive approach to placement preparation, PrepInsta has become a game-changer in the Indian ed-tech industry. The company’s success can be attributed to its commitment to providing high-quality, relevant, and affordable courses to students, enabling them to be job-ready and secure their dream placements. In an interview with EduKida, Atulya Kaushik – Co-Founder & CEO PrepInsta, explained about PrepInsta business model,edtech, skill-based programs on latest software, etc.

What inspired Atulya Kaushik to co-found PrepInsta?

In the year 2018, I, Atulya Kaushik, along with my esteemed co-founders Aashay Mishra and Manish Agarwal, initiated PrepInsta as an ed-tech venture, emanating from our humble origins in the dorm rooms of VIT Vellore. Our core objective was to serve as a one-stop destination for placement, catering to the needs of students who, despite attaining a commendable degree, were compelled to scour through numerous online platforms to secure gainful employment. Pertinently, the alarming statistic revealed by NASSCOM, indicating that merely 2.5 lakh of the 15 lakh engineering graduates in India manages to secure jobs, highlights the prevalent dearth of professional opportunities. Consequently, our principal objective at PrepInsta is to assuage this salient discrepancy in professional opportunities within India, and concurrently, endeavour to establish India as a premier hub for sourcing skilled individuals who can match international standards.

Can you describe the services and products offered by PrepInsta?

PrepInsta has pioneered an Over-the-Top (OTT) model that offers students the convenience of accessing a diverse range of resources and expert guidance from any corner of the globe, thus empowering them with the flexibility to learn at their own pace. With a Prime subscription, learners have access to an extensive suite of 200+ courses. The subscription model encompasses Placement Preparation Courses, AI/ Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Coding Courses in C/C++, Competitive Coding, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Python, DSA, and other upskilling courses, which substantially augment employment prospects for aspiring individuals. In line with prevailing market trends, PrepInsta has recently introduced a host of new courses to its Prime module. These include FAANG placement preparation, service-based company placement, web development, data analytics, Power BI, and Salesforce. Alongside placement opportunities, PrepInsta also provides students with internship opportunities across diverse domains, as a part of its placement policy. Notably, PrepInsta has partnered with TCS to provide students with TCS iON RIO remote internships. Such internships have enabled students to acquire industry-relevant skills and knowledge, thereby propelling them ahead in their professional journey.

How does PrepInsta differentiate itself from other edtech platforms in India?

In comparison to our competitors, who provide access to only one course, our innovative OTT subscription model enables students to explore a vast spectrum of skills by granting them access to over 200+ courses. With the freedom to opt out of any course and pursue an alternative skill on PrepInsta Prime, students enjoy unparalleled flexibility in their learning journey. Crucially, we offer these courses at modest prices, rendering them accessible to students from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities who would otherwise be unable to partake in such opportunities. At the core of our philosophy lies the aim to democratize education and ensure that it is not a privilege, but a fundamental right of all. Significantly, PrepInsta boasts an outstanding NPA rating, with an impressive score of almost 70% from users. Additionally, we have implemented a dual certification system, enabling students to receive certificates from both PrepInsta and TCS, thereby enhancing the value and credibility of their credentials.

What is the target audience for PrepInsta and how does the platform cater to their needs?

Our target audience includes students primarily from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, where resources for upskilling and professional development may be scarce. Our platform aims to bridge this gap by offering an inclusive and comprehensive array of courses at reasonable prices which can be tailored to suit their unique aspirations and objectives. Additionally, our unique placement and internship policies enable students to gain valuable industry experience, which is critical in enhancing their employability and career prospects.

How does PrepInsta prepare students for placements and job interviews?

We hold the industry expertise to groom students for lucrative placements and job interviews by imparting them with the requisite skills and knowledge. To this end, we have employed a multifaceted approach that encompasses a plethora of innovative and pragmatic techniques. Primarily, PrepInsta provides students with comprehensive and up-to-date study materials that cater to the latest industry trends and requirements. Besides that, our courses also cover a wide gamut of topics ranging from aptitude, technical, and communication skills to personality development and behavioral traits. Further, we also offers personalized training sessions and mock tests that enable students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and tailor their approach accordingly.

What are the biggest challenges PrepInsta has faced since its inception, and how has the company overcome them?

We like any other startups, have faced several significant challenges since our inception. These challenges include creating brand awareness in a highly competitive industry, meeting the diverse needs of  students, maintaining data privacy and security, and attracting and retaining top talent. However, we have overcome these hurdles through various strategies, such as utilizing marketing techniques to increase visibility, constantly updating products and services to meet customer demands, implementing robust security measures to protect customer data, and fostering a positive work culture to attract and retain talent. The reason why, PrepInsta has become a leading Ed-tech company and is well-positioned for continued success in the future.

How does PrepInsta measure success, and what are the company’s future plans for growth and expansion?

For us at PrepInsta, the company’s success metrics are predicated on several key performance indicators (KPIs) that encompass diverse domains, ranging from customer satisfaction and retention to product innovation and profitability. Based on our growth trajectory, we have set a target of 4x growth year-on-year and are striving to generate a significant revenue of 12 million USD in the current fiscal year of 2023-24. In our pursuit of sustained growth, we are committed to collaborating with all entities, including colleges, corporate partners, and students, in order to develop innovative products and solutions that cater to their diverse needs and requirements.

How has PrepInsta adapted to the changing needs of the education sector during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We have demonstrated exceptional adaptability in response to the evolving needs of the education sector amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We have proactively pivoted towards remote learning solutions, which have gained immense traction in the current environment of social distancing and work-from-home culture. We also have leveraged our sectorial prowess to develop and deliver comprehensive online learning modules that cater to a wide range of industrial and professional domains. Moreover, we have actively engaged with our user community through various channels, such as social media, webinars, and interactive sessions, to understand their evolving needs and provide customized solutions.

Can you provide examples of successful outcomes achieved by students who have used PrepInsta’s services?

We are the only Ed-tech brand that has been making a net profit from the first year of operations that began in 2018. Other than the massive spike in revenue, the geographical reach of PrepInsta has increased massively owing to our ability to address India’s growing disparity in job prospects. In the calendar year 2022, we successfully demonstrated a skyrocketing placement record of over 1,45,000 students, with students securing jobs in top product-based companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Adobe, Google, and others, as well as top service-based companies such as TCS, Accenture, Capgemini, Hexaware, HCL, Cognizant, Infosys, and others.

What advice you have for students who are preparing for placements and job interviews in India?

As an Edtech leader, I urge students to utilize the resources available to them and invest in their professional development to increase their chances of success. It is crucial to approach job interviews with a positive mindset, continuously learning and improving to enhance employability. By focusing on both technical and soft skills, staying informed about industry trends, and maintaining a positive attitude, students can pave the way for a fulfilling career. Remember, success is a journey, not a destination, and the key is to keep striving for excellence.


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