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A.M. Jain College: Top Choice for Tourism and Travel Management in UG and PG


A.M. Jain College: Top Choice for Tourism and Travel Management in UG and PG


Post the pandemic, the travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing sectors. The recovery it made had a significant impact on the Indian economy. A recent study has revealed tourism industry will create around 46 million job opportunities in the coming years. It is also noted that, quite a lot of airlines, hotels and tours & management companies have increased its headcount since the beginning of the year 2023.Ā 

Expecting such a growth in the industry around two decades back, Chennai-based A.M. Jain College offers B.A and M.A Tourism and Travel Management. The course focuses on fundamentals of tourism, innovative practices, financial accounting, tour operation management, which makes the students to equip themselves better in the field.

Speaking about the course,Ā Dr M M Ramya, Dean of A.M. Jain CollegeĀ said, ā€œStudents learn about business management, marketing principles, humanĀ resources,Ā projectĀ management,Ā sustainability,Ā cross-culturalĀ understanding,Ā andĀ muchĀ more.Ā A career in travel and tourism is considered to be extremely fascinating and adventurous, as well as lucrative for the most committed people.Ā In the near future, the Indian travel and tourism sector intends to create around a million job possibilities.ā€

A.M. Jain CollegeĀ hasĀ aĀ robustĀ placementĀ workplaceĀ thatĀ aidsĀ studentsĀ inĀ obtainingĀ internshipsĀ andĀ employment in various professions like air-hostess/stewards, hotel managers, travel planners etc. Many of their students have secured employment in both government and private industries like AirportsĀ Authority of India,Ā ThomasĀ Cook, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Spice Jet,Ā IndigoĀ and more.


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