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Upendra Rai Engages with Journalism & Media Students at AAFT


Upendra Rai Engages with Journalism & Media Students at AAFT


The students of Journalism and Media at AAFT, Noida availed the opportunity to interact with Mr. Upendra Rai, CMD of Bharat Express. This exciting session/dialogue discussed various aspects of journalism, media, and shaping the society.

Mr. Rai focused on personal experiences and real-life examples while laying special emphasis on the importance of adaptability and self-confidence.

He said, “All children in the world are unique. Biometrics became successful all over the world because one person’s thumb impression and eye retina do not match the thumb impression and eye retina of another person in the world. It cannot be replicated. The flights of thoughts that keep running at the crossroads within us, take us in good directions as well as in bad directions.’ He said that today’s youth can realize his or her dreams as an entrepreneur only if they are not frightened in any way. As long as the youth continue to be intimidated, nothing will happen. The day the government systems here will inspire them to rise above the book-mugging, entrepreneurs will be born in every street of India.’’


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