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Collegify Simplifies Overseas Admissions for Indian Students

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Collegify Simplifies Overseas Admissions for Indian Students


India is quickly becoming a significant contributor to global growth in student mobility for higher education abroad. There is a growing number of Indian students seeking quality education and cultural experiences at foreign destinations. It is reported that in 2022, 6.5 lakh Indian students went abroad for higher education, surpassing pre-pandemic numbers.

Moving abroad for education can be complex for Indian students, but a customized mentoring approach can help them create a comprehensive profile to increase their chances of being accepted into the best colleges. Collegify is helping Indian students and their parents with a comprehensive approach, from preparing for scholarships to placement in reputed universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. and providing the family with a good return on investment.

As a first-of-its-kind e-learning platform, Collegify helps students excel on the SAT/ACT through personalized video lessons, lesson plans, practice questions, and mock tests. This has earned them a spot in the Forbes Business Council. Collegify also supports scholarship applications annually, securing at least $20 million in aid for students over the past decade.

Collegify offers a unique and personalized end-to-end profile and skill development service, including career mapping and admission services, to cater to the specific needs and ambitions of each student. Through one-to-one counseling, Collegify helps students find the best academic program and improve their profiles.

A strong profile for college admission should include good academics, positive letters of recommendation, a good standardized test score, and a demonstration of leadership, online courses, community service, independent research, internships, and well-presented essays. Collegify helps students create an all-around profile to stand out in competitive applicant pools.

According to Rohan Ganeriwala, Director & Co-founder of Collegify, “As talented Indians are leading global industries, the student community in India is recognizing the potential of seeking quality higher education from reputable overseas destinations. While they know they want to go overseas, they often lack guidance on where to go and how. Collegify helps them develop a robust profile through a personalized approach to increase their chances of being accepted into the best universities abroad.”

In 2021-22, Collegify’s students were accepted into top universities, including Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, The University of Chicago, Wharton University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, NYU, Duke University, REED College, University of Toronto St George, The University of British Columbia, Boston University, UC San Diego, and many more.


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