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Hyderabad Campus KLH students excel globally

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Hyderabad Campus KLH students excel globally


KLH Hyderabad is proud to announce the extraordinary achievements of its B.Tech 2024 graduating class, a testament to the campus’s unwavering commitment to student success in the highly competitive global job market. This year’s graduates have showcased their prowess by securing a series of prestigious certifications and internships, highlighting the campus’s dedication to preparing students for the highly competitive global job market.

The graduating class has made notable strides, with over 153 students from the disciplines of Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE), and Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI&DS) successfully obtaining the Global Certification of AWS Cloud Practitioner. 87 students from the 2025 batch successfully obtained the Tessolve VLSI Design and Verification Global Certification. Furthermore, 55 students have achieved the distinguished PEGA CSA Certification, while 20 were shortlisted for the prestigious Amazon Machine Learning Summer School. An additional 25 graduates have earned the Google TensorFlow Developer Certification, among other notable achievements such as the L2 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Program certification and securing sought-after internships at companies like Tessolve.

Dr. G. Pardha Saradhi Varma, Vice-Chancellor of KL Deemed to be University, reflected on these accomplishments, stating, “Witnessing our students’ transformation fills me with immense pride. At KLH, we aim to provide more than just an education; we prepare our graduates with a potent combination of practical knowledge and real-world exposure, making them formidable competitors on a global scale. Our graduates are not only leaving with esteemed certifications but are also armed with adaptability and readiness to lead in innovative sectors.”

The success of KLH Hyderabad campus of KL Deemed to be University stems from its dynamic learning environment, which transcends traditional academic boundaries by incorporating specialized technical skills training programs, such as the MongoDB Certification Program. These initiatives, along with valuable internship partnerships, are instrumental in providing students with hands-on experience in their respective fields. The Technical Skills Training Program, offering certifications like Red Hat Enterprise Application Developer and AWS Cloud Practitioner, further underscores KLH’s commitment to practical skills development.

Dr. A. Ramakrishna, the Principal of KLH Hyderabad, along with the dedicated faculty and staff, plays a crucial role in nurturing this environment, ensuring that students are not only academically prepared but are also evolving into a generation of professionals ready to tackle future industry challenges head-on.


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