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IIT Bombay’s Ethical Exit Option: 15 Students Opt for B.Sc. Engineering Degree in Early Exit

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IIT Bombay’s Ethical Exit Option: 15 Students Opt for B.Sc. Engineering Degree in Early Exit


In a notable development, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has introduced an ‘Ethical Exit Option’ for students who are unable to complete the full four-year course. According to the dean of academic programmes at the prestigious institution, last year saw 15 students availing themselves of this opportunity.

The ‘Ethical Exit Option’ allows students facing challenges in completing the rigorous four-year curriculum to leave the institute with a respectable qualification – a B.Sc. in Engineering from IIT Bombay. This alternative exit pathway ensures that students are not burdened with the tag of drop-outs but rather depart with a recognized degree.

Professor Avinash Mahajan, the dean of academic programmes at IIT Bombay, explained that students opting for this early exit must fulfill the requirement of completing approximately 60% of the total credits allotted to their chosen course. Once this criterion is met, they become eligible for the B.Sc. Engineering degree.

Moreover, these students retain their eligibility to participate in IIT Bombay’s campus placements, offering them a chance to secure promising job opportunities despite the early departure.

The introduction of this ‘Ethical Exit Option’ by IIT Bombay showcases the institute’s commitment to the holistic well-being and academic progression of its students. By providing a flexible and supportive approach, IIT Bombay aims to empower its students to pursue their aspirations while maintaining the integrity of their educational journey.


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