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Unveiling the Top 5 Platforms Empowering School Students for Success

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Unveiling the Top 5 Platforms Empowering School Students for Success


The emergence of Ed-Tech has revolutionized the accessibility of educational resources for students and broadened the horizons of educational possibilities. It empowers teachers to design captivating and interactive learning encounters that accommodate diverse learning preferences and capabilities. As technology continues to advance, e-learning approaches are undergoing a transformation. In the past, students’ learning experiences were confined to prescribed subjects, however, Ed-tech platforms have opened up new avenues for them to discover and develop their skills. The remote nature of e-learning grants students and individuals the freedom to pursue knowledge and education at their own convenience. Advancements in technology have driven education into a comprehensive realm, encouraging a holistic environment for students. Below are five Ed-Tech platforms that are nurturing the younger generation by elevating their abilities and cultivating exceptional intelligence.

AASOKA is an integrated blended learning solution by the MBD Group that aims to deliver a research-based customized curriculum for students of K-12. AASOKA has made educational resources accessible and affordable for every child to empower schools across India. With strong roots in Ed-Tech, educational assets, and academic research, the company enjoys a significant presence in the field of education. The learner-centric teaching resources of AASOKA enable educators and facilitators to ensure effective teaching practices.  AASOKA has been developed to meet the diverse requirements pertaining to teaching and learning management. It has been a reliable assistant to educational institutions in delivering customized education to transform schools into technology-enabled schools. The model curriculum at AASOKA is in line with NEP 2020, making learning an interactive, engaging, creative and meaningful process for students. Moreover, the hybrid learning solutions focus on the scholastic and co-scholastic development of students to create effective and successful learning outcomes.

Zamit, an AI-Driven ed-tech platform for school students & teachers. Zamit provides students with a comprehensive range of over 100 skills across nine dimensions, which are also mapped to the National Education Policy (NEP 2020).Zamit is a one-stop solution for all school stakeholders, including schools, students, teachers and parents, equipping them with relevant skills to become ready for a future which is overflowing with unprecedentedly transformative possibilities. Importantly, just as it does for students, Zamit offers teachers an assessment with a comprehensive report drawn on tech-based readiness and skills analysis, accounting for more than eighty-five skills, all subsumed under nine broader dimensions. Zamit has already onboarded over 50,000 users and a whopping 500,000 ZQ endorsements globally. Some of the other unique services that the company offers include online portfolio building, scholarships, counselling, internship programmes and English language training in addition to an array of age-appropriate technology-based edutainment engagement programmes.

D2L is a global learning innovation company helping organisations reshape the future of education and work. We’re leading the way into the era of personalised learning, driven by the belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality education, regardless of their age, ability, or location.

Vedantu is an ed-tech platform where teachers provide online tuition to students. It is an online learning system that helps the students to understand the concepts clearly by interactive live sessions, doubt-clearing sessions, and customized teaching pattern.

Study ‘n’ Learn
Study and Learn has a holistic advanced learning approach that helps kids to learn better through interactive quizzes, lessons, videos, and tools. There are other important features as well like question banks, revision videos and tools, and mentor support that provides 360-degree learning to students offering motivational support and propelling a child towards better skill development.


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