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Top Edtech Platforms In India Empowering Placement Opportunities


Top Edtech Platforms In India Empowering Placement Opportunities


Edtech platforms in India are playing a crucial role in bridging the placement gap and creating early job opportunities for students. With a booming education technology market, online learning platforms are offering courses and training programs that are specifically designed to equip students with job-relevant skills. These platforms are collaborating with industry partners to create job-oriented courses, providing mentorship and networking opportunities, and offering certifications that are recognized by employers. They are also leveraging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to match candidates with job opportunities. By addressing the skill gap and providing early job opportunities, edtech platforms are helping to empower the next generation of Indian professionals.

  • PrepInsta

PrepInsta is India’ no 1 and most visited website for placement preparation. PrepInsta Offers over 150+ courses like C, C++, Java, Python, Machine Learning, AI, Ethical hacking, Cyber security, and others Noida.  The start-up offers over 150+ courses like C, C++, Java, Python, Machine Learning, AI, Ethical hacking, Cyber security and others. PrepInsta give their Prime students an average package of 7.1L, with 71% students receiving more than two offers in placements.

  • Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning is Edtech Learning platform offering their learners professional certifications and job placement opportunities that sculpt the workforce of the future. Imarticus Learning  has 35,000+ placements, 450+ partner organizations 500+ Hiring Partners Endorsed by Leading Firms. The Firm offer financial services Investment Banking Operations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Trade Finance, Retail Banking & Wealth Management, Capital Markets, and more.

  • BridgeLabz

BridgeLabz in one of the largest IP-driven incubation labs which has so far groomed more than 2,000 engineers and contributed to their placement across leading IT companies. BridgeLabz offer 500+ Hours of Coding with 16 Weeks Online Program. Bridgelabz provide Job Guarantee Fellowship Program by paying Rs 3000/-* with 100% scholarship on its foundation program with Scholarship worth Rs.50,000/- per candidate.

  • IIM Skills

IIM Skills ed-tech provides four different courses with CAT coaching. IIM Skills offer online virtual training with 60 hours of practical assignments and 16 hours of lecture. IIM skills placement assistance work after your internship in content writing like freelancing, blogging, copywriting, eBook writing, journals, technical writing has been completed.

  • Udemy

Udemy is an educational website that allows users to create personalized courses in IT and technology, design, business, marketing, photography, and other fields. There are 5,000 online video courses to assist you to learn everything from Bitcoin trading to using online video and android development. Udemy has over 40 million students, 50 thousand instructors, 2,13,000 courses and 57 million students for Learn programming, marketing, data science and more through Udemy.

  • Coding Ninjas

Coding Ninjas is one of the largest online tech education companies in India, with 40,000+ students and alumni, 1000+ Campus ambassadors, 2000+ Teaching Assistants and 150+ employees. Focusing on courses like C++, Java, Python, Android, Machine learning, Data science, etc. Company offering focusing on courses like C++, Java, Python, Android, Machine learning, Data science, etc. It is perhaps one of the best programming language platforms in India

  • Skill Academy

Skill Academy is one of India’s largest growing online platforms. We offer a number of professional courses to provide you with easy access to multiple professional courses and build your skills for the industry. Skill Academy offer course on certified digital marketer, data scientist, front-end developer, business analyst, or full-stack developer. Which will enhance your skill with upgrade skills with skill Academy.

  • Coursera

The Coursera app provides you access to learn on the go with access to more than 1,000 courses in the field of Computer science, Data Science, Data Business, Entrepreneurship, Courses in Science and Medicine, Art, Design, Photography, Music, and Creative writing among many more specialized courses developed by 140+ of the best colleges and universities in the world

·        Udacity

Udacity is a global lifelong learning platform connecting education to jobs and providing students with skills to advance careers. Udacity Nanodegree programmers provide credentials earned through a series of online courses and projects in an array of subjects from AI to data science and digital marketing, Machine learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Business Analysis, Data Engineering with AWS, Business Analytics, Introduction to program, C++, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Digital Marketing, Programming for Data Science and Python, Java developer, AI Programing with python, and much more.


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