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Campus 365 Launches AI Detector Software


Campus 365 Launches AI Detector Software


Gurgaon based Campus 365, one of India’s leading cloud-based solutions providers to schools and colleges to manage and track their daily activities today announced the launch of AI detector software which has proven to be highly accurate in identifying ChatGPT and GPT-3-authored writing, with a recognition rate of 97 percent. The false positive rate of the detector is less than 1/100, demonstrating its high precision and reliability.

With the ever-growing popularity of online learning, cheating has become a major problem for educators. Plagiarism detection software is not new, but Campus 365’s AI writing detector is the most accurate and user-friendly solution on the market. The software works by scanning students’ essays and papers for signs of plagiarism. It then produces a report detailing the percentage of the paper that is plagiarized and provides links to the sources of the copied material.

To assist educators with teaching materials and to update readers on its progress in creating AI writing detection features, Campus 365 also established an AI writing resource page. The recently established AI writing resource page is accessible to the general public and will be constantly updated with details regarding Campus 365’s progress in commercializing detecting features, including how well they are doing in its research and development lab. A larger library of resources will be created by Campus 365 pedagogy and instruction professionals to assist K–12 educators and faculty in adjusting to a writing-intensive academic environment. Moreover, regular postings of sample and preview movies will be made.

Speaking about the AI detector software Mayank Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Campus 365 said,”We are assured that the AI writing detection capabilities of Campus 365’s new feature will provide teachers with the necessary insights to help them choose how to handle work that may have been influenced by AI writing tools based on how our detection technology is performing in our demo products and with a sizable number of test samples”

“Making the information usable and helpful in a way that instructors can use is equally crucial as our confidence in the technology,” he further added.

Shashank Trivedi, Co-Founder and CTO of Campus 365, said, “We are pleased -to see good talks taking place across the education sector concerning academic integrity and tools to assure the validity of authorship. Instructors should use Campus 365’s detector to have in-depth discussions about this technology with their learners. We are optimistic that as AI writing advances, our technology will keep up with breakthroughs and capabilities as we continue to expand and improve Campus 365’s detector.”

Campus 365 Institute ERP Software’s AI writing detector sets apart from other plagiarism detection software is its accuracy and ease of use. The software can accurately identify even small amounts of copied material, and it is very user-friendly, making it a cake walk for even non-technical users to operate. Campus 365’s AI writing detector is sure to be a game-changer in the education sector, making it easier for educators to crack down on cheating and academic dishonesty.


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