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IPU Raises Awareness with Programme Aimed at Reducing Plastic Waste


IPU Raises Awareness with Programme Aimed at Reducing Plastic Waste


The NSS cell of Guru Gobind SIngh Indraprastha University organized an awareness programme on reducing plastic wastes and to avoid using single use plastics. Plastic pollution has become a major environmental issue as excessive plastic use and improper disposal leads to large amounts of plastic waste accumulating in landfills and the natural environment. To raise awareness and inspire action around this problem, an impactful event was organized with the theme of saying no to plastics at Dwarka campus of the Univetsity here today.

The NSS volunteers and Programme Officers brought together a diverse coalition of local environmental groups, student community leaders and concerned citizens. The goal was to educate attendees on the harmful impacts of plastic waste and empower them to reduce their plastic consumption.

The event featured Prof. Anshu Gupta from University School of Environment Management who shared eye-opening facts about the prevalence of plastic waste and offered tips for plastic-free living. Volunteers collected plastic wastes from neighborhoods, adjacent roads and parks, hauling it to the venue in waste disposal drums to create a striking visual display. About 98 kgs of plastic waste was collected and handed over a local firm to recycle. This powerful exhibit showed the sheer volume of plastic pollution in the community. Attendees were encouraged to take a pledge to refuse single-use plastics. Prof. Varun Joshi, Programme Coordinator NSS along with Programme officers Dr. Ram Shankar Gupta, Dr. Naresh Vats, Dr. Neetu Rani and Dr. Sayan Chatterjee took part in the activity and encouraged the students community. About 100 volunteers participated in the activity.The event concluded with proper disposal of plastic waste through Municipal authorities.

The event sparked conversations, strengthened commitments and brought energy to local efforts to reduce plastic pollution. It provided a collaborative space for exchanging ideas and inspiring action around saying no to plastics. The community felt empowered to make changes in their daily lives to protect the environment by cutting down on plastic wastes.


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